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The first time I blogged about my birthday was two years ago, at Multiply and I named it  Growing Old…Gracefully.  Last year, I spent my birthday at the hospital for my fourth round of chemotherapy so I wrote  Another Year of Blessings and Celebrating Life. Have you ever thought of birthdays  being  new years in your life?  Fresh start, a new chapter, a new beginning and another year of bountiful blessings.  Another three hundred sixty-five days to look forward to, another forty-eight weeks or so of  challenges and possibilities, another twelve months to learn more about life and its beauty.  And it’s another year of making memories and searching for old dreams, chasing rainbows and reminiscing.

Last Sunday, hubby and I went to Metro East mall after the 9am mass at St. Jude Thaddeus Parish.  First stop of course was NBS but I was disappointed when  the cashier told me that the book I was trying to find  was not in their inventory.  World Without End is Ken Follett’s sequel to Pillars of the Earth.  I should have bought a copy during one of my rare visits to Bestsellers at  Robinson’s Galleria.   Why is it that bookstores have that certain irresistible pull every time I see one?  So off I went next to Booksale, and look what I’ve found – some hidden treasures – Sara Ban Breathnach’s  Simple Abundance, a small volume of Richard Paul Evan’s A Christmas Box and a lovely journal entitled Sunday Mornings,  more blank pages to fill up. I’ve  been collecting  journals since I can remember, those cute notebooks that simply shout, “fill me, fill me with your lovely thoughts.” I started reading  Simple Abundance, savoring the first few pages and to my delight, it’s just the kind of book I need.

Some friends ask why I chose the title Dreams and Escapes for my blog.  And I would always answer, “I am a dreamer and writing is my sort of escape from the daily vicissitudes of life.” Oftentimes, bright,beautiful ideas start with a dream.  And nurturing one’s inner longing gives that feeling of wholeness – a sacred space to grow and believe. Because trite as it may seems, we can make dreams into reality.   I love the way Sara Ban Breatnach puts it,  “Only dreams give birth to change.  Believe that there is a loving Source – a Sower of Dreams – just waiting to be asked to help make your dreams come true.” Yes, I do believe!

I’ve received advance birthday greetings from my friends at Facebook.  Come to think of it, this is my first birthday at FB.  A few more hours to go and I’ll be turning 54.  Lovell just texted and said, “Isang tulog na lang po! Yahuuuu! It made me laugh, and I say, “happy birthday to me, thank you Lord for all the blessings!”


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