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Except for No. 5 which I have neglected for the past few days,  I was able to update my blog, wrote to a friend who will be celebrating her birthday in a few days, was able to chat with some relatives and found time to  hold one of my TBR books and do some reading marathon.  Finished two light reads in three days.  That was a feat considering that I haven’t read for quite sometime.  Anyway, I am cleaning up my site at Facebook .  I do get bored so I visit the site more often now.  I removed all the recent activities on my wall and removed some contacts as well who earlier requested that I add them up but not even a “hi” or “hello” can be heard from them.  Talk about having you  as an added number in their list of friends.  Come to think of it, can you really call someone you’ve just met a friend?  The word is overused, if I may say. There is more to friendship than that.

I am looking forward to my next birthday, in a few days!  Here I go again, talking the same language, “I am really getting old” and with it comes my wish that I’ll be wiser, more tolerant of the mistakes of others, never too judgmental, and more gentle with myself.  And I look back without regret and look forward with appreciation on what life will bestow on me.  I will enjoy the ride, no matter what!


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