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Chasing the sun’s shadows early in the morning is  one way of relaxing.  The garden always gives me that wonderful feeling of being happy and alive.  You might never know what you’ll discover, something new in your eyes, something that hasn’t been there the previous day you explored.  And always, God teases you with surprises.

It may be as simple as finding lovely blooms of string beans in a corner.

Sometimes, it is the beauty of  things like this that makes us grateful just being able to witness God’s wonderful creation.

It’s  when you learn to appreciate even just seeing a winged-tip creature,  that life and all its ugly realities, give us something to hope for and to dream on.  For me, these small miracles are what makes life wonderful.  and I remember what Albert Einstein said,   To live your life as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle”.

It’s not a perfect photograph but I enjoyed some precious moments  with this winged creature that made  me  understand the beauty of silence and  appreciate God’s gifts  for me today – seeing the sun’s shadows and watching the flight of a dragonfly.


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