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Its been a while since I posted an honest to goodness blog here. I have lots of things to share but  I was so busy doing some research the past few days.  Anyway, I promised myself that I would write something about Mama Mary’s birthday today.  Hubby and I spent the early morning attending mass to celebrate the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.   At this same time last year,  we did a round of  some  churches  in  Metro Manila as a tribute to her.  That was when I was still undergoing chemotherapy.  Time has flown and  with it comes the thought that being well and given a second chance at life is truly a gift from above.

A week ago,  Malou, a friend of mine who lives in Netherlands  sent  me a rosary from Siena, Italy.   Her family spent  a few days touring  the Tuscan countryside and they visited the shrine of St. Catherine of Siena.  What a lovely, lovely gift! I am always touched when friends give gifts that strengthens  my  faith and love for God.  That only means that they are concerned with my spiritual growth.   I have at least  collected a dozen rosaries  the past years but these stand out as my favorites, reads –  I carry them in my bag wherever I go.

This ring rosary has been with me for the past fifteen years or so. It’s very convenient when I am traveling and I need to pray.  What’s fifteen minutes of your time compared to being at peace with yourself after praying?

This was a gift from a close friend, Lovell who I consider my eldest son,  a seminarian from Sto. Domingo Convent.  I love these ivory beads and the first decade depicts the coat of arms  and a picture of  His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and the succeeding  four decades represent the  four Basilicas of Rome – St. Peter, St. John Lateran, St. Mary Major and St. Paul Outside-The Walls.  It’s indeed a very special gift from a special friend.

This is a rose rosary, a gift from  another close friend Lori when we had our grotto blessing last April 10, 2010.  Every time  the scent of roses assails my nose, I am always reminded of Mama Mary.

This came from Malou, my friend from Netherlands.  In it is the  image of St. Catherine of Siena.

And I’ve said time and again that I am   grateful for the gift of friends, it is something that no money could buy.   I always welcome the opportunity to find new friends,  friendship  is  one of  the simplest but most mysterious gifts from God.  It is in having true friends that we grow, discern what life is all about,   it lift us up and let us discover more of ourselves.  I feel  I am truly blessed.


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