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Poised –

Gently showing  her dainty blooms

I gather my camera at top speed

Knowing that this moment will never come again

and  I did a few clicks

Seeing  her face  up close

I could never capture that beauty in a film

But this moment will be forever etched

in my memory.

She is my gentle Rain Lily!

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I am always enthralled and fascinated by every cloud formation that I see. I could not count the times when I look up and wish I had a camera to record every movement.  The sky remains a big canvas where the most mysterious drawings ever materialize…CLOUDS!

This is my nth time to blog about one of my favorite subjects…CLOUDS!

You make me feel anxious when you darken the sky  but  there is still that feeling of happiness when I see you just passing through, like bright cotton candies, mysterious figures that  brighten my world – for a few moments, for a day,  for eternity.



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