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We spent the whole of Saturday last week at Sta. Rosa, Laguna. It was Bank of PI’s  family day.  Enchanted Kingdom is an enchanted place for the young at heart, those who can still enjoy the daring rides and heart-stopping moments suspended atop a log jam or the wheels of fate and this favorite Space Shuttle ride.

I am afraid of heights so I spent the day mostly taking shots and looking at those happy faces of children at the carnival rides.  I enjoyed watching Dora though, in 4D – talk about feeling like a child again!  Just a simple way to end the summer and the noonday heat.

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I  was so touched by one of my close friends ‘ tribute so I asked permission to have his blog  published here.  Tobbie is a very supportive and thoughtful friend.  Yes, you guessed it right, I cried reading his tribute to me.

Color Me Orange, Orange Sunday to Celebrate Arlene Ariston

I love clothes. When I see them, I see possibilities. When I wear them, I invite opportunities.

For me, wearing clothes isn’t just about getting something off the rack. Like food, it takes a lot of study and meditation. Sometimes it’s about a political statement. Sometimes it’s about an emotional state. And at other times, it’s a means to celebrate and honor someone or people who inspired you the most.

One of my close friends whom I met through Multiply is Arlene Ariston. I invited her to an art exhibit and when we saw each other finally, after months of exchanging notes on Multiply, it felt like I met an older sister. She is an ongoing miracle work of God and she is one of the special people I look up to.

Sometimes when I set off to buy clothes, I do research. Sometimes I start off with color. And at other times I start with an accessory. I recently saw an orange necktie and the moment I held the orange tie I knew I had to start off with it in preparing my Sunday clothes.

I remembered Arlene’s blog on WordPress. She wrote:

“please, please, color my life orange just for today! Make me believe that all these are temporary. I want to see another sunset, count the stars at night and wait for the moon to show its face again.” Source: Color Me Orange

Yesterday, on the last Sunday of May I paid homage to Arlene by wearing orange. It’s not advisable to wear orange at the office because of the social implications (i.e., orange is considered a girlie color). But I never compromise faith in my friends. The stubborn me went on to celebrate an Orange Sunday for a really important friend.

Arlene, my Orange Sunday is in celebration of you. Keep the faith my dear sister in God. You are always in my prayers.

Love and hugs to you!

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I found another treasure at Booksellers,  Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson, a pricey purchase at P625.00.  I am looking forward to reading this anytime this week.

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Just have to visit the mall after attending the 9am mass today.  Hubby wants a new pair of maong pants, daughter needs to buy a bigger luggage for her trip to Thailand, son  is attending his regular workout at the gym all at the same place, Robinson’s Galleria, so I really have no choice but to go with them.  Although I don’t have 101 reasons to tag along, I was elated that I could visit Bestsellers again.

First stop was at the shoe section.  My daughter wanted to buy a pair of  walking shoes which she could use on her trip.  I saw this handsome and very-nice looking pair of Tone-ups,  you know, that kind of ” you-exactly-fit-my-feet-so-I-have-to-take-you-home”  way of thinking. 

I really didn’t plan to buy one since I have several slip-on sandals which I previously bought at Rusty Lopez  in three different colors.  But this one is so irresistible , size 5 is exactly my size, and the color is simply divine.

Tone up while you walk.  Get in shape without setting foot in a gym. Who could ignore these tag lines?  Since going to the gym is not an option for me (I still have that DJ stent insert, you see) so this one is.  A perfect excuse to buy a very expensive pair,  I could buy  three pairs of  Havaianas sandals for its price alone.  My daughter tried the sleek fit Shape-ups and she could not let it go.  Then she told me that she has been waiting for them to go on sale for quite a long time now to no avail of course.

Well,  it’s time to splurge on  walking shoes and a pair of  sandals for a change.  Inside the box is a CD which would teach you on how to maximize its use.  Shape-ups are designed to…..

1.  Promote weight loss

2.  Strengthen the back

3.  Firm calf and buttock muscles

4.  Improve posture

5.   Reduce stress on knee and ankle joints

6.  Relieve muscle tension and fatigue

7.  Tone and firm thigh muscles

8.  Increase cardiovascular health

So we  blew away P7,300.00 on shoes alone.  Why not?  We were both grinning like crazy when we transferred to another section to buy a luggage.

By the way, it’s  Skechers!

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Finally had my hair trim yesterday at David’s, hubby was free to go with  me for a few hours.  My  hairdresser, also named Arlene is a soft-spoken lady and always inquires about my health since I shared a few months ago that I underwent chemotherapy.  Her usual question was, “mabuti po, hindi nalagas ang buhok niyo?”. The chemo drugs they treated me with are not as strong as those they have for other cancers, wherein almost all the patients I’ve been with who underwent  chemotherapy for breast cancer experienced falling hair.  I still experience tingling sensations on my fingers though, from time to time, the side-effects of Oxaliplatin and Xeloda.

Another opportunity to visit the nearest mall from our place.  I don’t go out much nowadays, and except for attending Sunday mass services and occasionally going to the wet market and garden center, these simple trips are luxuries for me.  And didn’t I tell you that going to a bookstore is always a welcome treat?  Well, I finally bought myself a copy of Ilustrado at National Bookstore for a price of P285.00.  It’s author,  Miguel Syjuco, is a recipient of the 2008 Man Asia Literary Prize and the Philippine’s highest literary honor, the Palanca Award.  The book, a fiction, “is a rich and dramatic family saga of four generations, tracing 150 years of Philippine history forged under the Spanish, the  Americans,  and the Filipinos themselves. I must admit that I am not much into reading the works of Filipino authors except those of Celso Carunungan,  Jim Paredes (he’s one of the Apo), Barbara Gonzales, Bob Ong (do you read Bob Ong, he makes me laugh) and a sprinkling of borrowed chicklit books from BPI Stress Management Office so this is a welcome change for me.

I saw this small nook, Books and Mags at the lobby of Ever Ortigas  selling second-hand books, couldn’t go home of course without checking their shelves.  My oh my, they have plenty of hard bound ones and my eyes just could not take them all in.  I initially saw an almost brand-new copy of  Embraced by the Light by Betty Eadie, hardbound.  I had the soft copy before but lost it to the flood.  There were several books of Robin Cook.  I was tempted, how I was tempted to buy them all. I am a Cook’s fan, collected his books the past years.  I was thinking, I still had a spare cash of P500.00 for books so I must really choose which to buy first.  At Booksale, this amount could buy me at least several copies, if one is lucky enough to find a good book at less than P100.00 each.   Hard decision, indeed!  And guess what I brought home?

1.  Under the Tuscan Sun – Frances Mayes

I’ve  read this before but it was a borrowed copy from one of Nissa’s friends, so I am keeping one for my collection.  It’s a beautifully written memoir about living in Italy, loving the pleasure of food, keeping a garden etc. It’s a nice afternoon read.  Frances Mayes is a poet, gourmet cook and a travel writer. It’s reasonably priced at P90.00.

2.  It  Was on Fire When I Lay Down  On It – Robert Fulghum

An upgrade, had a soft copy before but like all my other books, I also lost it to Ondoy.  I would like to re-acquaint myself with Fulghum’s ideas about life.  And here’s a beautiful quote from the book cover, “it’s not the meaning of life, it’s the meaning in life”. At 120.00, this is another treasure find.

3.  From Beginning to End – Robert Fulghum

Another Fulghum book that I haven’t read yet. I swear it is brand new, just  like all the other books I’ve found, the book’s  dust jacket is still intact .  I am big on rituals, they keep me anchored.  And according to him, Rituals do not always involve words, occasions, officials, or an audience.Rituals are often silent, solitary and self-contained and the most powerful rites of passage are reflective. A bit pricey though at P190.00.

4.  Girl With a Pearl Earring – Tracy Chevalier

Ah, this made my morning visit truly enjoyable.  Finished reading it in three hours.  A historical novel (didn’t I tell you that I love history?), a fiction written by Tracy Chevalier about a painting done by Johannes Vermeer entitled A Girl With A Pearl Earring.  The novel revolves around the fictional servant named Griet whom he hires as his assistant and later becomes his model in the painting, wearing his wife’s pearl earrings.

It made me curious so I made a little research on the life of Vermeer.  He was one of the greatest painters of the Dutch Golden Age and his artwork, Girl With a Pearl Earring is considered  as the Dutch Mona Lisa.  I was lucky enough to meet a famous and talented artist/painter, Manuel Baldemor,  last year when my friend Tobbie and I attended the unveiling of two of his artworks,  Fruits of Labor and Good Harvest. My family and I have seen the art collections of the late Perdigon Vocalan which were displayed in their famous restaurant, Balaw Balaw in  Angono, Rizal.  I took shots of Botong Francisco’s murals two summers ago.  And I’ve met another great artist online, Ms. Phyllis Zaballero when I made a blog on one of her paintings,  The Lake Series I , Geyser #2. She left some comments there and I was pleasantly surprised.   I am an amateur  when it comes to admiring this medium but  one can learn through reading and the book Girl With a Pearl Earring taught me how not just to admire a good composition but to feel from the heart.  What a nice learning experience.  If only for this, the price of the book  at P90.00 is truly a bargain.

More books to read, more afternoons to enjoy.

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I’ve watched Robin  Padilla on Wowowee when he temporarily took over co-hosting the show.  And as I’ve said in my previous blog, this guy is a natural.  Given the chance, he could even charm the birds.  Take a look at Ricky Lo’s article on Philippine Star.

Crocodile(?) tears, phony(?) drama on Wowowee – FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo | The Philippine Star News Entertainment.

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I’ve planned to change my header image but will support the same theme, so I tried looking for a nice shot from my cam.  Imagine my frustration when I need to crop the picture and change it into a panoramic view like this.  I would have loved to upload the lotus flower I took at the garden center last week,  but the petals were cut into half when I tried cropping it.

This shot is from the same place in Nasugbu, Batangas but it is a different angle of the Batulao  mountains.  Dream on, I say! I love to come back and visit this place again sometime next year.

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I like it chilled…..hmmm….yummy!

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