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Blogging is my passion

Reading is a long-time hobby

Photography is a new-found love and obsession

and gardening is a lifetime commitment.

I wrote those on my profile page at Facebook.   And   for the last three years or so, blogging, reading, photography and gardening are the things  closest  to my heart.  Back in my college days (more than three decades ago) blogging was an unheard-of word.  Keeping a journal is more like it and I had several notebooks of writings and doodles that I kept all through these years.  Haven’t we, at some time in our lives guarded those secret diaries where we poured our hearts out – our pains, heartaches, triumphs, fears and everything in between?  But because of technology, we  had this new-found-freedom of sharing publicly through blogs.  I find it easier now to keep up with  my writings online.  Talk about trying all the popular sites for keeping one updated and keeping friends and relatives and whoever is interested to take a glimpse of  the person you are.

Memories – fleeting  moments remembered, lovely times spent with loved ones, precious occasions forever etched in one’s mind but somehow  dulled by the days, and months, years even , passing like a choo choo train and however hard you try to remember the years, they have become a little blurred at the edges.  True, memories have the capacity of rubbing down the rough edges  but  there are moments actually that stand out, moments captured in a photograph.

When was the first time I was enamored with a flower and wish I could freeze it in a photograph?   What do I know of depth of field, frame composite mode, slide shows,  macro shots  or shake reduction?   The cameras we used before are all manual ones, so you still have to use a roll of films and have them developed outside to get your own copy of photos.  Several years ago, my youngest brother gifted me with a Samsung L73 ASR digital camera and that pretty much started my love affair with taking shots of all the blooms in my garden.  It was followed by an 8.0 megapixel Pentax Optio A10.  Wow, it was enough for me and taking shots became an obsession. But I am now using a 12.5 megapixel Canon Ixus 120IS.

I created another site here at WordPress , a  photo blog entitled CAMS  and PHOTOS documenting my best and well-loved shots with my two digital cameras. It is still a work in progress and I still have loads of pictures to upload.  I may change the title later on.  I am trying my hand at super macro shots and landscapes mode. I am not a professional photographer, all I learned about taking photographs is by trial and error.

I have provided a link in my blogroll or you may visit : CAMS AND PHOTOS or GARDENS AND EMPTY SPACES for my garden blogs.

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