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We spent the whole of Saturday last week at Sta. Rosa, Laguna. It was Bank of PI’s  family day.  Enchanted Kingdom is an enchanted place for the young at heart, those who can still enjoy the daring rides and heart-stopping moments suspended atop a log jam or the wheels of fate and this favorite Space Shuttle ride.

I am afraid of heights so I spent the day mostly taking shots and looking at those happy faces of children at the carnival rides.  I enjoyed watching Dora though, in 4D – talk about feeling like a child again!  Just a simple way to end the summer and the noonday heat.

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I  was so touched by one of my close friends ‘ tribute so I asked permission to have his blog  published here.  Tobbie is a very supportive and thoughtful friend.  Yes, you guessed it right, I cried reading his tribute to me.

Color Me Orange, Orange Sunday to Celebrate Arlene Ariston

I love clothes. When I see them, I see possibilities. When I wear them, I invite opportunities.

For me, wearing clothes isn’t just about getting something off the rack. Like food, it takes a lot of study and meditation. Sometimes it’s about a political statement. Sometimes it’s about an emotional state. And at other times, it’s a means to celebrate and honor someone or people who inspired you the most.

One of my close friends whom I met through Multiply is Arlene Ariston. I invited her to an art exhibit and when we saw each other finally, after months of exchanging notes on Multiply, it felt like I met an older sister. She is an ongoing miracle work of God and she is one of the special people I look up to.

Sometimes when I set off to buy clothes, I do research. Sometimes I start off with color. And at other times I start with an accessory. I recently saw an orange necktie and the moment I held the orange tie I knew I had to start off with it in preparing my Sunday clothes.

I remembered Arlene’s blog on WordPress. She wrote:

“please, please, color my life orange just for today! Make me believe that all these are temporary. I want to see another sunset, count the stars at night and wait for the moon to show its face again.” Source: Color Me Orange

Yesterday, on the last Sunday of May I paid homage to Arlene by wearing orange. It’s not advisable to wear orange at the office because of the social implications (i.e., orange is considered a girlie color). But I never compromise faith in my friends. The stubborn me went on to celebrate an Orange Sunday for a really important friend.

Arlene, my Orange Sunday is in celebration of you. Keep the faith my dear sister in God. You are always in my prayers.

Love and hugs to you!

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