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I can’t believe that the days really flew so fast.  This month has been another eye-opener for me. It’s not exactly your “I am on top of the world-I am happy” feeling because the month started unexpectedly.  The very first day, I was admitted to the hospital and was confined for five days, undergone kidney bypass due to a stubborn kidney stone that blocked my urinary bladder.  Anyway, all that is left of the harrowing experience is the DJ stent  (a tube) which my urologist inserted and has to be removed in three months.

The summer months are finally fading into oblivion,  the rains are now visible almost every evening,  somehow diffusing the 38 degree centigrade earlier registered in Metro Manila.  It was a hot, hot, merry month of May.  I love the morning sun though, and puttering in the garden in the early morning is so relaxing.  Have I been well, I could have spent summer in a nicer place, I’ve dreamed of visiting Batanes for a long time now, one of the places I wanted to visit before I die (nope, I am not being morbid here, please don’t get me wrong).  It’s just that I am really envious of a close friend of mine who has been there a week ago.  Lovell called me up this evening and he shared his experiences there.  He has been to most places in the Philippines and he said that Batanes is simply the best.  I wish, I wish, I wish I could go there soon.  And soon enough would probably be next year,  something to look forward to, something to dream about, some good reason to stay well and healthy.

A few nights ago, I discovered a blog here which was published into a book. One thousand list of blogs called The Book of Awesome, added it to my blogroll so I can go back to it when I am free.

Another friend dedicated  his blog to me. Wow, I cried reading it.  It is so touching and I am glad that in my own small way, I am touching lives too.  I am chatting with  a friend as I write this, exchanging TBR list and books that we have read, books that touched our lives and books that we  would read again and again.   And  by the way, this month ended my year-long of blogging here.

Goodbye May, hello June!

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Look what I’ve found earlier today, my intro page at my long forgotten Friendster account.

Pictures won’t really show the real YOU but they really make your life a bit colorful. Come visit my other site at Multiply..I’ll show you my garden, my music collections, my everyday thoughts on a lot of things, recipes that I have tried and some favorite videos that I have uploaded.

My address: http://www.arlene1027.multiply.com

Thank you….see you there!

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I simply love this.

I grabbed this cartoon page from one of my friends at Multiply. She is so sweet to make an album of all her friends at the site.

I love the green pants, and of course the plant pot and water sprinkler….it’s nice!

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