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I hate it when some people play daredevils  without a thought of what might happen next.  We were about to go home from the 9am mass this morning and in front of  our car was a parked motorcycle, so we waited for the owner to go through before we turn around for home.  There was  a couple standing besides it, the man stuffing some baby clothes in one of the helmets he was holding and the girl holding about a three-month old baby in her arms.  I guess the baby is even younger than that since she could not lift her head yet.  Holding on to the pants of the girl is about a three-year old kid.

I was shocked, really shocked when the man lifted the little girl in front of him and the girl holding the baby, probably his wife rode at the back of the motorcycle.  “How irresponsible”, I uttered and my daughter also reacted by saying “oo nga”.  How could they do it?   If I had a camera in tow, I would have taken a shot of this couple and tagged them here.  They were putting the lives of their two kids at risk.   There were lots  of “what if” playing around my head on our way home.

Statistics show that everyday, there are lots of accidents caused by motorcycle drivers who think that they own the road.  Almost everyday, you could see fatalities on television.  I always cringe and utter a silent prayer every time we are on the road and out  of the blue, one or two motorcycle drivers are right beside the car, a hair’s breath away, some not even wearing protective head gears.

Only in the Philippines!

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