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One Of Those Days.  Some shots I took of the garden.  And I’ve always said time and again that this is my sanctuary.   I find peace of mind just looking at the Koi fish at our small pond and delights in taking photographs of  some annuals and perennials thriving here.

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Being sick sometimes makes you less privileged to taste all those yummy and delicious food on the table.  Either you get through following doctor’s orders or take a furtive look  and sneak a bite when no one is looking.    I am on a low purine diet and the choices have become limited somehow.  I am allowed fruits, any kind, gelatin, milk, coffee, tea, sugar and syrup, eggs, breads, cereal and cereal products and cheese with a list of vegetables some of which I have to take in moderation, same with poultry, meat, fish and sea food.

I am allowed tea and coffee but I have stopped drinking coffee for quite sometime so tea it is.  I always love Twinings because their tea comes in different flavors.  One such flavor that I love is their passion fruit, mango and orange.  I love the mixed flavor of the three . Raspberry is good too.

There are a lot of studies made on the benefits of green tea in fighting cancer cells.  I normally buy  Lipton Green Tea but I found a better substitute, green tea with mint. I take it plain or with a spoonful of honey sometimes.

A few months ago, I discovered Oishi’s Cereals – a local brand which are cheaper than Kellogg and Nestle’s.   They have Honey Crimpies, Fruity Rings and Choco  Flakes.   Since I am lactose intolerant, I never put milk when I eat them.  Weird?  I hope not, but I just can’t tolerate the taste of milk unless it is mixed with ice cream or some other milk products like chocolate.   I don’t know, but just the smell of it makes me gag sometimes.  Mom always says that I was breast-fed as a baby and never ever taken those cow’s milk which they have as substitute for the real thing.  I could not even stand the taste of coffee with cream.

Spending  the early hours  in the garden, listening to the sound of water in the pond,  greeting the day with a smile while waiting for the sun to rise – these are my morning fix.   The simple joys of being alive!

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