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No, orange is not really my favorite color but I always associate it with the early morning sunrise and the color of sunset.  It’s something that stimulates and makes we wish I were in some place where I could watch the morning sun breaking in the horizon.

I’ve just been to the hospital a few hours ago for another series of laboratory tests which my doctor needs tomorrow for my follow-up checkup.  I told the hubby I am getting tired of hospitals, and needles and blood extraction and visiting doctors.  The past few months, I’ve done just that.  Life is normal, you say?  Yes, in a way, because I am still able to garden once in a while, read books at any hour of the day and blog any time I want.  All these passive pursuit make me wonder,  I want to go out  too, mingle with people, have real conversations with my friends instead of just having chats on the net and reading messages on my cellphone.  Is that too much to ask?  I am whining again.  I know, I know!

But please, please, color my life orange  just for today!  Make me believe that all these are temporary.  I want to see another sunset, count the stars at night and wait for the moon to show its face again.

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