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The heat sometimes makes you feel so lazy that all you could do by way of relaxing is watch TV or DVD.   I am not a regular TV fan, it’s one such activity that I can do without.  I got caught though when I turned on the  noontime show Wowowee (did I get the spelling right?) and the bad boy of Philippine movies was doing the interview of the contestants in one segment of the show.  He must be the temporary replacement of the controversial previous host.

I like Robin, though I am not a fan. He possesses that charisma that makes the audience and TV viewers laugh.  He is a natural.   He is definitely a looker, an added part of his charm.   I  blogged about him when he guested in Sweet Life a year ago.

A Man Named Robinhood (March 23, 2009)

It’s one of those afternoons that I get to watch TV and except for a few times glued to the tube watching Nadal, Federer and Murray at the BNP Paribas Open, I’d rather read but once in a while there is something worthy to idle my time with.  I’ve read in the news that it’s  The Sweet Life  second anniversary and for the whole week, they will be featuring fabulous line up of guests the likes of  Martin Nievera, Gary Valenciano, Ogie Alcacid, Rosa Rosal  and of course the bad boy of Philippine movies,  Robin Padilla.

Robin Padilla – Robinhood  Fernando Carino Padilla in real life!  He was Lucy’s guest this afternoon and there was this boxing instructional segment where he taught Lucy  a few punches in a makeshift ring inside the studio. Cool!

Robin could really be funny at times, I am not a fan but I admire the way he carry himself – polite, humble, thoughtful, always calling Lucy and Wilma “maa’m”.  There was a cooking segment and he showed his prowess in the kitchen by  preparing “Binoe’s Nilasing na Hipon”. And judging from the oohs and aahs of Lucy and Wilma, it must have tasted good.  He said he is accident prone and likes to do his scenes as realistic as possible, that is why sometimes he does not engage a double in his stunts.  He reasons out that the adrenalin rush  wouldn’t be there if he allows somebody to do it for him, that was why he got burned in one of his movies.  He was asked what was his unforgettable screen kiss and he answered that he did it with Regine, two rolls of film were used in that scene..haha!

He might be tagged as the bad boy but he seemed to project a softer side when he was  asked about his family and his kids.

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What you would do to stay healthy and to release those unwanted toxic substances in your body.  I’ve been looking for alternative cure since I’ve finished my six rounds of chemotherapy last December.  Yes, fruits and vegetables are healthy  but there is  a healthier alternative that one of my friends told me  a few days ago.

She has been drinking it for the last three years since she was diagnosed with Stage 1 thyroid cancer and she swears by the efficacy of the moringa juice.  I tried doing the concoction this morning.  What you will need are the following to extract at least one and a half glass of the juice.

three cups of fresh malunggay leaves (moringa leaves)

1 glass of water

2 tbsp. honey

3 slices of fresh pineapple or any fruit that you want

It may take sometime for one to get acquainted with the taste but I guess, you can add a little more honey or fruit to your liking.

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