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Mercury is a highly reactive toxic if not the most toxic metal of all.  Long exposure or heavy exposure to mercury vapor can actually damage the central nervous system, endocrine systems, kidneys and other organs of the body.

During my hospital confinement two weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised that the hospital no longer use mercury thermometers.  Instead they have this mercury-free  personal thermometer called AMI Temp for personal and axillary use.

Sanhill Medical Instruments says that “AMITemp® Thermometers indicate temperature via a grid of dots that serve as the temperature-reading device. Each row of dots on the grid represents increments of measure ranging from 96.0 degrees to 104.8 degrees in Fahrenheit and 35.5 degrees to 40.4 degrees in Celsius. The dots are made up of non-toxic compounds that cause the dots to change to black in relation to an increase in temperature. The last dot to turn black indicates the correct temperature. The thermometer will reset itself after about 30 to 45 seconds and all the dots will return to their jewel-like green state. This reversibility feature allows the thermometers to be shipped and stored under conditions that require no special temperature control. They can withstand environmental temperatures as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit without damaging their accuracy and readability”.

AMITemp can be used again and again by the same person.  You only need soap and water to clean it and can be simply wiped with a tissue and alcohol to disinfect.

I wish the DOH would warn the public through TV ads about the dangers of using the phased-out mercury thermometer.  Most of us are not even aware on how to dispose this dangerous chemical from our home.  There should be an immediate ban on its use. Although DOH Secretary Esperanza Cabral signed the Green Health Covenant (http://GreenhealthCovenant.multiply.com), most Filipinos still don’t have computers to access the site.

Let’s have a mercury-free Philippines.

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