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Hooray to me.  It’s been a year now since I started my blog at WordPress. I wanna say, it’s some sort of an accomplishment for me churning  out all those blogs.  I just want to share some highlights of my previous blogs – the story of my life –  in a nutshell!

* The first time I ever laid my hands on pen and paper, I thought of becoming  a writer someday. I was a dreamer – a helpless one. Dreams and Escapes May 11, 2009

* Today could have been different, if you were here with me. Just A Few More Lines May 11, 2009

* There are two mindsets gravely embedded in us Filipinos – if you win, you are nandaya but if you lose, you are nadaya. In the end, it’s the Filipino voters who are losers, will we ever win?  Will We Ever Win? May 15, 2009

* That trials and sufferings can strengthen the soul and success is inspired by ambition to reach one’s goal.

– that it does not mean that God does not answer our prayers but it’s because He has better plans.

– We call unbelievable things miracles, but it’s God saying “my daughter, I am here”. Savoring Scents And Sounds June 17, 2009

* Life is one big question, the answer to which we never seem to find, until we are strong enough to admit that we are weak and fallible. Reflections June 17, 2009

*The first time we went out of ourselves to reach another – that was love,

– the hesitant touch

– the guarded phrase

each was an attempt to express the inexpressible.  Love Defined –  June 28, 2009

*What do you value most in life?  Are you happy waking up in the morning and just thanking God that you are still alive?  We will never know the test of true faith until we encounter something that gives us a jolt,  when we realize that life is not all roses like what we’ve been dreaming of.  Life is Like That – July 01, 2009

*Learn how to live and you’ll know how to die, learn how to die and you’ll know how to live . Letting Go (Reflections my Morrie Schwartz) – July 01, 2009

*The stark truth is that, I was afraid. I was afraid of going under the knife again.  My Hospital Stay – July 29, 2009

*I truly believe that there are angels among us.  And I am not talking of those heavenly creatures that we perceive them to be.  I am talking of the ordinary people who touch our lives everyday.  I am talking of the ordinary people who make a difference in the lives of others.  Angels come in the guise of loving friends and family.  They come in the midst of our struggles. Angels in Our Midst August 04, 2009

*Any day now,  I’ll be scheduled for my first chemotherapy. I am not exactly looking forward to this second phase of my journey to healing…..so be it, God will take care of me. A Month After – August 14, 2009

*The gentle touch of the rain!  It makes me long for those days when life was so simple, when a few drops of sudden rainfall  is a welcome sight to behold. it’s a welcome respite from the heat and something that makes my day complete. The Gentle Touch Of The Rain  – August 17, 2009

* But more than the knowledge that there are people out there who reach out and give a helping hand, it is their unsolicited gestures of concern and willingness to help that makes my heart sing. His Name is Jeff September 04, 2009

* Life is a dance!  Sometimes, it is a harmonious fluid movement.  We are in sync with the music, utterly attuned to the dance steps, well synchronized with the motion – two steps forward, one step back. Two Steps Forward, One Step Back  – September 24, 2009

*Life is a dance and when we falter in our steps, God is there to do the rest. Two Steps Forward, One Step Back – September 24, 2009

* Have you ever imagined that kind of helpless feeling and just cry your heart out in frustration?  when all you can do is pray and hold on to each other because you are not sure if you’ll still see each other tomorrow or the following day or the next?  This happened to us at the height of typhoon Ondoy. Our Brush With Typhoon Ondoy – October 04, 2009

* Going to the malls is one such activity that everybody takes for granted. One could enjoy doing just that at any time of the day, at any day of the week or simply just passing a few hours doing nothing but sit on those comfy benches provided by the malls, as they say, just watching the world go by. It is now a novelty for me though, because I haven’t stepped inside a mall for quite sometime now. I Miss Malling – November 07, 2009

*“Live the dream”, he would  say. I do. I did. And I like to think that somehow, in between wakefulness and dreamland, life was real. I would have liked to share that I am going through a phase in my life full of so much pain. But I can hear his voice saying,  “Life is never perfect”. And he would understand.  And I would tell him that I am brave enough to face it all. Ramblings – November 10, 2009

* I remember the days when we used to sit for a while and he will regale me with his stories about life fifty or sixty years ago, his struggles amidst life’s difficulties, growing up in the province and finding a way to finish his studies.  What he has to go through in order to fulfill a dream of his own, I can only listen in wonder. Remembering Dad – December 07, 2009

* I am quite elated, no, I am in seventh heaven.  When I think of the fact that it would be my last day of chemotherapy tomorrow, I feel this certain lightness of being.  Finally, another milestone in my life is about to end.  It has been a long five months of hospital visits, appointments with my  surgical and medical oncologists, endless laboratory tests and being confined at home while under chemo treatments. It has been a long journey but I am keeping my fingers crossed everything would be well.  Where Do I Go From Here? – December 07, 2009

*Don’t you just love the nippy morning air and the cold long nights of December? I do.  Waking up early makes one savor the silence all around.  It’s this time of the year that I always look forward to, no matter how commercialized the celebration of Christmas has become, it always evokes that nice feeling within. Winds of Christmas – December 20, 2009

* Sometimes, the heart accepts what the mind rejects! Heartland Series 1 December 26, 2009

* So how do you give someone a piece of sky? Dreams never end just because your life turned upside down all of a sudden. Dreams never end just because something unexpected touched you and you felt the pain.  Dreams never end just because a few friends turned their backs on you when you needed them most.  The unfairness seemed magnified at some point in your life but then you realized  how lucky you are to still be alive and enjoying another sunny morning, enjoying a few moments of peace just looking at the sunset, dreaming maybe of someone giving you a piece of sky.Onward 2010 (Just A Few More Lines) – December 31, 2009

*No moment in our lives could pass

without affecting us in one way or another

somehow, there is always

a special place remembered

a smile

a hand clasp

-all stored in the treasure chest of our memories. Thoughts – January 21, 2010

* The Batulao mountains look like dark crayon doodles showing the visible lines of gray where it meets the sky.  This is the life! Once in a while, we must be allowed to experience it. I am humbled by all this and I think of the days when I whine over small things that to me now, seem superficial.  A dot, a point, that’s all we are in this vast universe but it is really up to us to make that dot a small circle and that point a short line.  And I am a thousand times grateful for having the chance to come back here.    This is my litmus test to go on with life like it used to be, without fear of some dreaded ailment that put it on hold for the past several months.  I would travel even at least this far, just to see how my body would react and how  my immune system would cope.  Yes, I passed with flying colors. Dawn At Caleruega – February 12, 2010

* Life is full of beauty if only we open our eyes and admire what is in front of us .  How could you not be touched by a sunrise or a  golden sunset?  How can you not laugh with an innocent child without a thought of the daily cares and worries of this world?  How can you not admire those beautiful wild flowers growing on the wayside?  How could you not be happy when you hear a voice from the other line asking how you are?  Sometimes, we are simply blinded by worldly things that we forget the simple joys of  a handshake, a smile from a stranger, a hello from a friend, a  pat on the shoulder, a warm embrace and a hug.   Sometimes, we take these for granted. C’est La  Vie – February 22, 2010

*Alert –


For the sound

Of your footsteps,

But they never came.

I learned

To savor silence

Being here –


Once more. Are You There  – March 28, 2010

*We started the week with a beautiful celebration of Palm Sunday. I really intend to start it with a good and clean heart to embrace everything that the season of Lent stands for – Jesus’ sufferings on the cross and His incomparable sacrifice to show His encompassing love for all of us because I believe that there is one particular message that stands out – the message of LOVE. New Life, New Hope, New Beginning – April 05, 2010

*Move over Ming Tsai. Take a seat Martha and let this little tyke try her thing in the kitchen. Obviously, siomai is one of her favorites, so last Christmas, she persuaded Nissa and me to teach her how to make it. Siomai-Making, A Great Feat for A Six-Year Old – April 14, 2010

*And James Patterson could really write love stories, right? Believe me, I’ve read all those Alex Cross series, action-packed thrillers and harrowing plots but when I encountered Sam’s Letters to Jennifer, I was hooked. And he says, “whether it is as fleeting as the sun-kissed days of summer or lasts the length of a lifetime, love is always worth it”. That line made me shed copious tears. Reading his other book, Sundays at Tiffany’s made my self-imposed retreat all the more bearable. What if your imaginary friend from childhood was your one true love? haha! Dreams do really come true.  Between Page 1 And Page 50 – April 27, 2010

*I didn’t know if I were in the throes of dreamland or hallucinations due to high fever but during the last two nights, I kept seeing a different panorama every time I open my eyes and see the lighted wall lamp near my bed. Talk about seeing a lovely sunset scene, a wide view of a garden filled with wild flowers all around. It was a kaleidoscope of colors, alright. It must be God’s way of telling me that I was not alone in this battle and I could hear a voice saying, “fight, fight, fight”. Yes, I am a warrior and God is my shield. A Kaleidoscope of Colors (Another Hospital Stay)  – May 09, 2010

And I thank all those who left a comment or two. I thank those friends who continuously give me the courage to go on.  May you all be blessed!

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