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Election 2010.  Today marks another milestone in our history as a people and as a nation.  Let us show to the whole world that we are still capable of  choosing one who is deserving of our respect, support   and belief that he could lead us once more to a better Philippines.

We were at the precincts as early as 7am and it took the four of us (hubby, my two kids and me)  more than an hour waiting in line just to vote.  It is a small sacrifice though on our part compared to a greater purpose of electing somebody who truly deserves to win.  We are still lucky compared to most voters ,  since our  precincts are located in the clubhouse of our subdivision.  We don’t have to go to those jam-packed school rooms to cast our votes.  It is quite disheartening though to hear fellow voters complaining of the heat and some going home as early as 8:30am because they have to face a long line.  Let us do our share and be counted.

We are still voting manually,   what has changed is the counting of our votes, but at least we are on the road to full automation. Birth pains are always unavoidable. Let us give COMELEC a chance.  I am praying we will all succeed in this great endeavour.

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