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I’ve always thought that I am finally on the road to recovery.  Lately, I’ve been taking medications for my kidney stones and gall stones.  You won’t believe this but I’ve been diligent in following doctor’s orders, even taking around 60ml. of  olive oil and drinking lots and lots of apple juice to help flash out those unwanted stones from my body.  I went back to my old doctor, a kind-hearted soul who does not believe in such drastic measures like surgery.  Everything could be flashed out with combination drugs , a little easy on the pocket but  hell.  Just thinking of those laxatives and antilithiasis dilator which I have to take twice a week for a month makes me puke, but I have to do it , just to save myself from another   surgery.  I haven’t fully recovered yet from the effects of chemo drugs – my hands and fingers get stiff from time to time making it hard for me to write, it’s easier of course when you are in front of the computer.  For the past week, I’ve been having attacks of UTI and I thought, it’s more painful than my slow recovery from my sigmoid surgery last year.  Just imagine, calling your doctor at an ungodly hour of 2am,  you are wide awake until 4am and the only comfortable place to get a few winks is to just sit on your bed with lots of pillows all around.   It’s sheer hell!

Haven’t have the strength to go out  and my ever reliable PC comes in handy.  And in between taking a peek at my Facebook site and occasional chats with long-lost friends, I’ve taken some shots of the garden and uploaded my collection of my niece’s pictures.  I am finally appreciating watching TV, something I’ve never cared  about before.  The things you do to combat boredom.

Perhaps, I was a little too excited to read the book, Julie and Julia by Julie Powell, after watching the movie on DVD.  They are raving about it, the book I mean, but I’ve too much of  Boeuf Bourguignon and potato salad, and eggs floating in red wine that I set it aside when she started talking about Disaster/Dinner Party on page 109.   Weird, you say?  Nope, apparently, I am just bored.   And James Patterson could really write love stories, right?  Believe me,  I’ve read all those Alex Cross series, action-packed thrillers and harrowing plots but when I encountered  Sam’s Letters to Jennifer, I was hooked.  And he says, “whether it is as fleeting as the sun-kissed days of summer or lasts the length of a lifetime, love is always worth it”. That line made me shed copious tears.  Reading his other book, Sundays at Tiffany’s made my self-imposed retreat all the more bearable.  What if your imaginary friend from childhood was your one true love?  haha!  Dreams do really come true.  I am reminded of  GGM’s  Love in the Time of Cholera.  A friend at Shelfari admits that she has read it thrice. I can’t dispute the fact that the book is good since I’ve been able to appreciate One Hundred Years of Solitude but how come I could not even advance to page 51?  I had enough of Fermina Daza, Florentino Ariza and Juvenal Urbino at  chapter 3.  Perhaps, I’ll give it another try, one of these days if I find another copy which is not that expensive.  Like the other books that are still on my TBR list, this one got flooded.

Ouah!  it’s time to take my meds.


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