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Every afternoon, after watering the plants, I always  spend my time perched  on our hammock, looking at the world and the clouds passing by.

And this scene is normally what I see, the clear blue sky.

One would be lucky enough to see those maya birds  balancing themselves on the Meralco lines, seemingly enjoying  the peace and quiet.

We have finally trimmed the grass after more than a month of planting.

And the earthly scent is intoxicating, this is what I love about gardens,  one finds peace while digging, one finds happiness just being here.

And Mama Mary’s image adds a lovely touch  to the sound of flowing water from the small pond.

My home, my sanctuary  –

I sometimes find myself updating my journal here or just reading a favorite book.

And I am waiting for these bromeliads to bloom.

Hmm….another favorite spot, my small water fountain and these anthuriums and aglonaemas add a wonderful touch.

Our dog Soo Kee, an uncomplaining companion.  We  always enjoy a romp together on the hammock.

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