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I’ve finally decided to change my header image, personalize it a bit and give a fresh look  to my blogs.  My brother Noel would probably say, Yeay, which  sometimes means that he agrees, he finds it  cool  or just nods his head in approval.  And I always would laugh in return. 🙂   Yeay, I’ve finally learned how to change the appearance of my site using my photo, and this is one place where I feel I do belong.  Can you recognize it?  If you haven’t been there, you probably won’t but if you’ve  visited it  at some time in your life, you would instantly recognize it.

It really reminds me of  Julie Andrews belting her heart out upon seeing her favorite place in the movie  The Sound of Music. And I quote,

the hills are alive with the sound of music

with song they have sung for a thousand years

the hills fill my heart with the sound of music

my heart wants to sing every song it hears


i go to the hills when my heart is lonely

i know i will hear what i’ve heard before

my heart will be blessed with the sound of music

and i’ll sing once more.

Yes, I know, I am being effusive once again. 🙂

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