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I was thinking how this would look if I upload it here.  These clouds seem to me like playful brush strokes of  a painter in a large canvas of blue.  As always, I find them beautiful and fascinating.

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The last three weeks have been simply that – uneventful but happy.  Meeting friends  after so many years is always a welcome thing.  I haven’t seen Chiquit since she left for Australia with her family in 2002 and  I am glad we finally met again two weeks ago, a joyful meeting, a tearful reunion.  It matters not how long we haven’t seen each other because those two or three brief hours of sharing and catching up somewhat  more than made up for the years in between.  There is always a place in your heart for dear friends who never forget even just to say hello , there is always a place in your heart  for  people who understand your plight and   give you all the encouragement that you badly need.  Chiquit is one such  friend, after all these years.

The hubby, Chiquit and I had lunch at The Thai Kitchen at Robinson’s Galleria last February 24, two days before she went back to Australia.  I was so touched when she gave me some cash and  pasalubong, whereas I, didn’t even have time to buy something for her.  I still don’t go out much, trips to department stores and groceries are few and far between but I get by, getting back to normal routine.  I was telling the kids  about our lunch and Nissa suggested that we try it again, the four of us, this time.  So last Sunday, we sampled  The Thai Kitchen’s buffet lunch and it was worth the  repeat visit.  I love their Som Tam (papaya salad) and  Yum Mamuang (mango salad) for starters.  They have a sizable choice for the main dishes.  Nham Prik Kapi (fried calamare) was so good, Nissa had second serving.  They also have Chicken Satay, Chicken  Pandan, Chicken Tamarind, Steamed Pork Siomai, Cream Dory Fish with Tofu, Bangus Sardines and Pad Thai but what I enjoyed most was their Por Pia Sod (Fried  spring rolls), they are crunchy from the outside but the noodles were not overcooked.  As for dessert, I just had Gelatine Salad.  We were so full that we just had to walk around after lunch.

I’ve found two more gems at  Chapter and Pages.  Grabbed a copy of  If Life Is A Bowl of Cherries – What Am I doing in the Pits by Erma Bombeck, and  Favorite Poems of Emily Dickinson. Earlier on, Nissa and I went to National Book Store to buy some magazines and  I chanced upon this book by Neil Gaiman, Coraline which was on sale at 30% discount. Nissa bought me a book by Terry McMillan and she bought a copy of  The Vampire’s Assistant and Other Tales From  The Cirque Du Freak, a costly book at P545.00 if you ask me but she is so fond of reading  “it scares you till you even dream of it at night” kind of books. She loves Anne Rice, John Saul, Stephen King and these Twilight series.  Give me a historical novel or a medical thriller anytime, I love scary movies but I don’t want reading that  genre because with books, your imagination runs haywire at times and it’s a bit uncomfortable when you are alone with your thoughts.

I don’t know how many more sacks of dried leaves we have to sweep before our avocado tree stops shedding off all its old leaves because every branch has new shoots of  flowers. It’s a bit tiring at times but necessary to clean the yard, otherwise, our newly planted carabao grass would die.  Oh my, watering the whole garden usually takes me an hour but I am not complaining, it is a therapy for me too.

We’ve been planning to spend Holy Week at Caleruega only to learn that it is already fully booked. Well, some  other time, maybe.  It’s not meant to be.

One more day, a hopeful promise  and a day to look forward to.  One more day of being grateful for God’s graces and blessings.

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They were dressed to the nines.  And they surely looked glam.  This is one of those times when I give TV viewing more of an exception than the rule – the latter being no TV watching at all hours of the day.  But who could resist programs like this?  I just saw Christopher Plummer being interviewed during the pre show.  He has grown old definitely, compared to the times I’ve watched him repeatedly  in  The Sound of Music. And J. Lo, what a pretty, pretty gown.  She is not just attractive but she is really beautiful to a T.  I remember her in Maid in Manhattan, Shall  We Dance and  The Wedding Planner, movies I’ve watched on DVD, playing couch potato to the hilt a few years ago. And Demi Moore’s gown is simply stunning for want of a  better word.

Meryl Streep still looks gorgeous despite her age.  A record-breaker, 16 times Oscar nominations.  Tina Fey and Steve Carell look good together. Kate Winslet looks slimmer now than when she did the movie Titanic. Taylor Lautner is  muy  guwapo. I haven’t had the chance to watch him on the Twilight series.

And the main event is truly “sosyal”. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin played  hosts, they had me laughing at their pretty scripts.  And here are the results of the 82nd Oscars.  I cannot predict which movie would eventually win because I haven’t even watched any of them.

-Best Supporting Actor – Christoph Waltz

-Best Animated Feature Film – Pete Docter in the movie UP

-Best Original Song – The Weary Kind , theme song from the movie Crazy Heart. It was composed by Ryan Bingham and T Bone Burnett

-Best Original Screenplay – Mark Boal from the movie  The Hurt Locker

-Best Animated Short Film – Logorama by Nicholas  Schmerkin. It’s his first academy win.

-Best Documentary  Short – Music by Prudence

-Best Live Action Short – The New Tenant

-Best Make-up – Star Trek

-Adapted Screenplay – Geoffrey Fletcher from the movie Precious, this was based from the novel Push by Sapphire

-Best Supporting Actress – Mo’ Nique from the movie Precious

-Outstanding Art Direction – Avatar

-Best Costume  Design  -Sandy Powell from the movie the Young Victoria.  This was her 8th nomination

-Best Sound Editing – Paul N.J. Ottoson  from the movie The Hurt Locker

-Best Sound Mixing – Paul N.J. Ottoson and Ray Beckett

-Cinematography – it was won by Mauro Fiore from  the movie Avatar

James Taylor, looking bald but still so good on the guitar sang In My Life by the Beatles as a tribute to those artists who recently died.  He was one of my favorite singers when I was in high school, back in the seventies.

-Original Score – I love the musical score of UP and I am glad Michael Giacchino won.

-Outstanding  Visual Effects – Avatar

-Best Documentary Feature – The Cove

-Best Film Editing – The Hurt Locker. Husband and wife team Bob Murawski and Chris Innis took home the trophy for this.

-Foreign Language Film – Argentina’s El Secreto de Sus Ojos (The Secret In Their Eyes)

And the highlight of course are the awarding for Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Actress .  Jeff Bridges who was nominated for the fifth time, took home the plum as Actor in a Leading Role in the movie Crazy Heart. He said, ‘thank you mom and dad, for turning me on to this groovy profession”, both his parents are actors too.  Sandra Bullock, who wouldn’t love her ? This is her first time to be nominated in the Oscars and she won as  Actress in a Leading Role.  Best Director went to Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker, her first award and second nomination.  Funny though that she was in the same list of nominees with her former husband James Cameron (Avatar).  And the best film which won six out of nine nominations went to The Hurt Locker, a movie on the Iraq war.

I enjoyed watching the awarding ceremony and it is such a joy to see some of your favorite actors  on-screen.

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