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How I wish that sometimes, we could emulate those moments of bliss, just being together for a while before we move on through life and all that it entails.

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Somehow….the memories  linger, to keep you company in times like this, when you feel so much alone.  Then one by one, like the stars appearing in the sky, like a break of dawn, your thoughts begin to wander…..beyond.

You remember the kindly words, the gentle touch, those reassuring gestures. You want to forget but still, you hug the memories and all because you thought you found LOVE…..

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I wrote your name in the sand

Only to be erased by the noontide

But the essence remained

When my morning comes,

I’ll write your  name again.

The breeze whispers a gentle sound of “hello”

Calling me, you

Beckoning us to the world beyond

I hear the sea

And I hear you

Calling, calling my name.

I feel your face

And see you smile

While the ripples gently dance at our feet.

I watch your serene countenance,

And nothing moves

Except the breeze and the ripples

We treasure this moment, this minute, this hour

A silence that inspire us

To write our names again in the sand.

Dusk is falling

And the only remnants are our footprints

And the sea calling our names.

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To the Skylark,

I visited the country and what did I see, the toothy grins and lopsided smiles of the young. You’re right, I must stay here for quite some time.

The place is still the same, except that a few blooms added spice and color to the countryside.  What a blissful place! If only I could lock this inner piece in a box and bring it  back to the city, but on second thoughts, I realized it would never become its real self there.

I could have paddled my feet in the ice-cold water but much to my regret, the rivulet  is empty. I’ve just remembered it’s summer now.  But I’ll come back when the tiny bubbles are there again, then perhaps, I could play with my paper boat, just like old times.

I lay prostrate on the grass, feel the dry earth beneath, allow myself to savor the breeze and look at the vast blueness of the sky.  What a really great pleasure to be with nature.

Come on, don’t watch me with those big, ebony eyes, let’s take this chance to say that we have rediscovered the country.  And if you choose to stay here  for long, just drop me a line, will you?

From a friend….

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