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I know,  I know,  it doesn’t sound so original but every time I see our pet dog, I am reminded of  Marley and Me. It is a story of James Grogan’s  yellow  Labrador Retriever, a high-strung, active and destructive dog, but I am not telling you about Marley, you probably have read the book and watched the movie a long time ago.  Soo Kee is a “she” and has been with us for the past three  months.  We thought at first she was a  true breed Chihuahua but it turned out that she is a mixed bred of a native dog, and yes, a Chihuahua.  How she has grown and I am not exaggerating that she is truly lovable,  she doesn’t complain when she is tied to the dog house at night, not even a murmur of protest can be heard.  And I thought, she is too good to be true.  Our favorite romping ground is of course the garden.   She was so startled when she saw the three Pangasius fish swimming in our small pond.   Dogs could be such darlings when they are well-disciplined.   Every time I sit on the hammock, she would want to be there and be cuddled.   Every time I go out, she would gently open the gate with her paw and  ease out her body and wait for just a clap of the hand,  a signal that she could come along.  And every time  we snap on her  leash, either it is bath time for her or a little exercise outside the house.  It has become my habit during the past months to talk to her like she is human.   Eyes alert, with  her tail curled as always and her ears seemingly listening to what I am saying, I wondered  if  she really understand. Hubby said, “What if she answers and  say, “yes, ma’am”, ” what would you do?” I burst out laughing and told him, “That would be a miracle”.

And here’s the big question, do dogs smile like we do?  I  don’t think so, they just look at you with adoring eyes and wag their tails nonstop  until you touch and cuddle them.  That is your reward and haven’t we always heard this adage, that a dog is man’s best friend?

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