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More  of Caleruega!  Here’s set 4.  I promised myself that the next time I’ll visit the place, I’ll just absorb  everything there, maybe less picture-taking and more of writing and reflection.  I want to go back,  go back to a  place where life is replete with meaning.

Mahogany trees and flowers,  nice combination, they look so natural together.

And this lovely vine, it hangs in front of the Refectory hall.  Why do I always forget its name?

Don’t be late guys! Students ready to go back to their retreat….

Bakit nga ba, bakit pa dapat kayong i- remind sa maling asal na ito.  We really saw some agaves full of names and doodles, sad isn’t it?

Taking shots of students taking shots of the place….how’s that again?

Love this red bromeliad, used to have this at home but typhoon Ondoy buried it alive.

And these celosia, bromeliads and  new plantings of marigold look great in this walkway.

Yes, privacy is sacred!  Now I know where this sign leads to….. The Bench

Our temporary home. How nice to wake up and see a panorama of nature at its best.

The Bench, a witness to my sentimental journey.

The facade of Pahingalayan.

Until next time……

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