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Moments Worth Remembering are moments spent with family and friends.

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Just could not get enough of the place. I really took more pictures, here’s the third set.

A view from the top.  The giant palms  keep the walkway cool.

Give me a piece of my blue sky! Took this shot in one corner of Plaza de Aza.

Don’t you just love these majestic palms as they sway  with the breeze? I do.  They dot the whole place and these flowers are beautiful.

Even this pot of  white bougainvilla looks so right in its own corner.

And I thought it was still too dark to go trekking, but just walking down this familiar road gave me that sense of peace.  The marigold lining the edges of the road are no longer there but they were replaced by different colors of impatiens…beautiful!

Found this old fountain in the middle of Kampo Arriba.  Reminds me of  some books I used to read about  the  Spanish era.

It’s where they hold bonfires at night, a witness to probably thousands of students doing their best to shout, sing, dance and just enjoy each other’s company.  I heard someone playing a guitar when we were here.   It’s not a lost art after all, it reminds me of the days when I used to collect  Jingle chord book mags just to learn how to play.

A quaint old place but nevertheless familiar. This is the entrance to the hanging bridge. I want to go back here again and again. Yeah, really, I do.

This dog was waiting for us  at the foot of the bridge on the other side and when I aimed my camera, it stood up and seemed to say, “this is my chance so better make that a good shot”.

The intricate design of this picnic table makes it really beautiful – rocks and small pebbles arranged in such a way that is very pleasing to the eyes. We found it at the camp site.

The world is still asleep but I could see the facade of the Transfiguration chapel.

And the sun is slowly showing its face on the horizon.

The Koi fish  at the pond in Kampo Arriba…..

You can take a stroll here, day and night. It is so relaxing just to take a walk and not count the passing hours.

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