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There is really something wonderful about going back to things familiar.  Doing old routine gives you that feeling of being secure, that everything in your world is right again.  After almost seven months of doing nothing and just being focused on getting well, after months of uncertainty and regular visits to the hospital,  I am finally on the road to getting on and being in the midst of   going back  to a life that had  taken a back seat for a while.

Last Sunday, after attending the late afternoon mass at our Parish in Cainta, hubby and I dropped by  Super 8 to buy some groceries.  How I’ve missed just walking around the store and  thinking of what to buy, reading labels and just being excited to look for new products on the grocery shelves.  Most people would probably shun the thought of making grocery lists and actually buying and looking for the things one needs but I find grocery shopping therapeutic. In fact, I prefer it more than  going to a department store and just window shop with nothing in mind to buy. It’s a waste of time for me unless of course I go to a bookstore and browse to my heart’s content.  That would be heaven!  It’s an indulgence that is hard to avoid.

Anyway, I found this box of  dark chocolate with mint by Goya and I grabbed two boxes. It’s a local brand and costs about P26.75 per box and has about nine pieces of candies no larger than a twenty five centavo coin.  I love dark chocolate  much more with some flavor of mints in it.   Andes Mints is tops on my list though when it comes to that melt in the mouth, extremely refreshing and delicious treats.  There are times when we crave for this sinful treat.  Chocolate  is actually good for our health, dark chocolate even better. According to studies,  it improves cardiovascular health. Dark chocolate and cocoa are actually rich in antioxidants, they have natural compounds similarly found in fruits, vegetables, some grains and nuts.  Indulge once in a while, it won’t hurt, right?

Yesterday, it was my first venture out to the wet market with hubby in tow.  I actually missed the haggling. You really feel good even if it’s only a five peso discount from the regular price.  You might say, it’s really mababaw but it’s part and parcel of buying and selling in a wet market.  You gain suki from there.  You can never do that in a grocery store because prices of commodities there are fixed.  Anyway, some of my sukis actually asked me where I took my vacation, they thought I went abroad. Haha!   Yes, seven months of not stepping in a wet market might be that long for some, I never missed it until yesterday when almost everyone asked how I am.  It’s nice, really nice to be remembered and be missed.  Marketing for a fresh, weekly supplies of meat, fish and veggies is something that is an old routine for me, and going back to it  really gives me some semblance of a normal life.

And yes, gardening! I really could not remember the last time  I did some gardening, I mean, weeding and cultivating the soil for planting.  All I did the last few months were taking some occasional shots of new blooms and  watering the plants every now and then.   I am glad that finally, I could do it without worrying about being reminded by my doctor that I have to refrain from touching the soil.  Just like going to the groceries, gardening is therapeutic too and I always find pleasure and untold joy in watching things grow.  Last week, we hired a landscape gardener to refurbish our garden.   Its been a week now, and they are done with the grotto and water features. They have planted several greens and ground covers.   We still have to source for carabao grass, put some extra electrical outlet outside for our submersible pump,  another electric bulb for the grotto and  plant ornamentals for my planter’s box.  I just love the bonsai plants they put in one corner of the garden, the Thailand tamarind tree is simply arresting.   And I love the image of Mama Mary, it’s a three-foot statue made of fiberglass.

And in between all these, just give me a book anytime and my life would be complete.   I am slowly getting there with the help and prayers of friends and family.  Thank you Mama Mary.  Thank you Lord for  making me well again.

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