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I promised myself I would have a little grotto built at our corner garden in honor of Mama Mary once I finished my chemotherapy. It’s my own tribute to a loving mother who has been an inspiration to me throughout the years and more particularly in the last five months while I was having my treatments.

Today is the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception. My doctor allowed me to choose the date and I thought it would be a great way to remember something significant in my life by choosing an important feast day in the Catholic calendar and it also coincided with the 21 days interval from my 5th chemo to the final one.  And I quote,

“The doctrine of the immaculate conception holds that Mary is the one fully human being preserved from original sin because she is the Mother of God. Grace intervened at the very instant in which her life began, preventing sin from touching her in any way, and so making her holy and immaculate from the moment of her conception. This made her worthy, and suggests that she was divinely chosen, to be the Mother of God. Christ preserved Mary from sin because she was his Mother; as Ambrose taught, ‘Christ chose this vessel into which He was about to descend, not of earth, but of heaven; and he consecrated it a temple of purity.”- Jane Shaw

I had my last chemotherapy session today, my “graduation” ,  as my medical oncologist terms it.  She was giving me the thumbs up sign this morning so I jokingly asked, “where’s my diploma Doc”, then she said, “join us, we’ll be having a party this afternoon”.  I will still have my follow-up checkup two weeks from now,once I am done with my chemo tablets. At least Christmas day would be spent without worrying about it. I am praying and hoping that my SGPT would go back to its normal level soon, it’s what I am worried about but I am happy to share that my CEA (cancer marker test) is normal.  It has even gone down to the comfortable level of .5ng/ml and considering that the normal level is in the range of 0-5ng/ml, the result is really something to be thankful for. I feel I am truly blessed, God gave me a second chance at life.

Another journey is about to begin, and wherever life takes me, I would be there and will wholeheartedly accept what God has in store.


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