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A few days ago, Nissa brought home a piece of drinking glass with embossed design of Coca Cola and the cartoon was from McDonald’s. I got curious  so I asked her where she got it.  It’s the recent promo of McDonald’s.  IMGP2705They come in colors of lime, purple, pink, charcoal, blue and green. She has completed all six colors and intends to buy more.  Some sort of collection, she  said. You can only eat so much value meals in a day or two. All she did was to ask her officemates to buy them for her. And they are not just ordinary glassware, they are Luminarc. Luminarc products are a little expensive but McDonald’s lets you buy them at P25.00IMGP2706IMGP2707 each.  I love the lime color.


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Just got caught with early morning nostalgia. Silly, you might say, but this is the time of day when everything seems so vivid and alive.

Four am.  It’s never for want of trying to sleep at least until the break of dawn, my eyes simply would not cooperate.  I’m usually wide awake  around this time, when everything you can hear outside is a pregnant silence.  My mind travels back to so many things and it is simply full of  ideas that I can’t verbalize nor even write about.  A hot cup of coffee somehow would fill the void but it is a luxury for me now, at least while I am on chemotherapy.   Hmm, I was clearly tempted so I tried a sip.  And here comes the proverbial question, “is it me or is it the coffee?”. There’s nothing there,  the taste was just bland.  I was thinking, I could do without it after all.

The past days, I had this adrenalin rush to do an inventory of the books we have saved during the flood.  I am looking for one particular volume entitled Painting Colors, a hard bound copy which I bought at Powerbooks in Megamall five years ago when we had the repainting of the house.  We are in the thick of renovating it and having painting jobs done.  From the shelves which weren’t touched by flood waters, I could see twenty five volumes of Nissa’s Charmed, a complete set of Josef’s Harry Potter series, Jeffrey Archer’s paperbacks, Paulo Coelho’s books, several Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella , one or two books of Robin Cook, Slumdog Millionaire, Atonement, Time Traveler’s Wife, and some books by Cecilia Ahern. Compared to almost a thousand volumes we had before, these are just minimal.  It’s good we were able to save the Lexicon which hubby bought some years ago. All the volumes I had at my night table, including our family Bible and my favorite garden books are all gone. Who would think that flood waters would reach as high as four feet inside our bedroom and as  deep as seven feet in our sala, I’ll never know.  Our neighbor said that in all the thirty five years they’ve been living here, this is the first time that it happened.  Gosh, when I think of the two volumes of Gabriel Garcia Marquez‘  Love in the Time of Cholera and  One Hundred Years of  Solitude,  I simply shake my head.  They were gifts from Nissa and I haven’t  even finished reading the former.  It’s so sad really, I’ve said time and again that books are lifetime companions and I simply could not live without them.

I couldn’t bring myself to see our three Thomasian Yearbooks all soiled and smelling like crazy. Josef’s copy was the most damaged.  You could always think and rethink of memories until you bleed  but there are certain things that your heart holds but your mind wants to see, hard evidences of what you have aspired for through the years.

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