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Soo Kee

Meet the new member of our family. In Japanese, Suki means beloved but Nissa decided to spell it Soo Kee for variation.  Haha, anyway, she has been with us for the past three days, a cute, lovable and playful  mix breed Chihuahua puppy given IMGP2691 as a gift by my brother-n-law.  Gosh, our other dog, Boo feels probably so insecure because this puppy is in and out of the house as if she’s the Queen here.  IMGP2692

Nissa and Josef are crazy about her and even my mom who has just arrived from the province is so thrilled to hold her.  She is so cuddly and well-behaved.I love how her tail curls on the side and how her ears are in full attention when she gets to hear passing children in our street.IMGP2699


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Yesterday was the first time I ventured out since I had my 4th chemo last October 27.  I’ve always been wary of crowds since my medical oncologist has strict instructions for me to stay put while I am still undergoing chemotherapy. I know, I know, it’s quite hard to do it but I am also afraid of the consequences if my immune system would be affected by the pollution outside.  One would think a cancer patient is like a fragile baby always sheltered from the storm and from the grind of daily living.  I even have to be content with attending Sunday masses on television.  There are several things I really have to give up, at least for a while.

Going to the malls is one such activity that everybody takes for granted. One could enjoy doing just that at any time of the day, at any day of the week or simply just passing a few hours doing nothing but sit on those comfy benches provided by the malls, as they say, just watching the world go by. It is now a novelty for me though, because I haven’t stepped inside a mall for quite sometime now, until yesterday when I was forced to accompany the hubby to the Handyman store at Metro East Mall.  We have to buy and select drawer guides, cabinet knobs, paints and paint accessories for our house renovation and he made sure that I have a  say in the colors that we have to apply.  I was in a quandary in what to buy,the drawer pulls and knobs come in varying sizes and colors. They look simply irresistible.  I was visibly shocked though with the staggering costs of construction materials.  Fifteen years ago, when we had our house constructed, I had a first hand experience on how to build on a budget.  They have gone triple in the last fifteen years.

We finally selected Davies’ Bio-Fresh paints.  I am just quoting their brochures, Davies’ Bio-Fresh is a 100% acrylic odour-less and anti-bacterial latex paint. It emits less pollutant in the air and has no unpleasant smell which normally comes with ordinary paints.  And its anti-bacterial/anti-fungal formulation helps inhibits the growth of disease causing bacteria such as E. coli. Great and I love the soft sheen on the walls.  We decided on True Blue color for the bedrooms, Almost Peach for the rest of the house,  Ivory Satin for the ceiling and  tomato red for our accent wall.  The hubby decided to have the cabinet doors done in sliding glass.  Gosh, we are on a budget so why is he splurging on mirror sliding glass doors? I know, it is a space enlarger but could we afford it? The cost of a pair would paint the whole house, even our perimeter fence.

I really miss malling, I would have loved to linger and take a look at the Christmas lights and decors  hanging in every corner of the store but I was afraid to get exposed to so many people around. Christmas is definitely in the air.

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