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Anything But Old

I wonder what my Shelfari friends and my FFP buddies would say if they have the chance to read this blog. Hear, hear, I am laughing at myself as I write this.

Spent a few hours in front of the PC last night and I thought of visiting my Shelfari account and update my virtual library there. Gosh, I could not even remember my password to log in to the site. What’s happening to me? Have I been suddenly struck with the “I am too old to remember syndrome”? It took me a while to figure out that I haven’t changed my password there for quite sometime. So after a few attempts, I was able to take a glimpse of my account. They have added lots of features that weren’t there the last time I looked, and that is about almost three months now probably. And I have a sizable stash here that I want to add to my shelf. I added two new friends, and I am ashamed that it took me this long to visit it again. I could not even recognize most of the avatars of all my friends, where have they got to? There was a time a few months back when my FFP buddies would post a theme for each month along with what book to tackle and discuss. They keep changing their pictures and I am getting confused. I simply could not keep up. Patience is the name of the game, I think. I just can’t find and clearly can’t remember how to upload books and update my shelf. I have around 12 pending group invitations, one or two book recommendation, several posts from our hyper active group, Flips Flipping Pages (FFP) , around 480 books on my shelf, 57 friends, 9 groups but where the heck is that thingy that says “upload”. Silly, silly me, I should have opened “search” then type the title of the book and voila, you can choose the edition that you have, you can update the exact date you purchased it, is it “on loan” to a friend, so many options and I am getting lost again. What I just want to do is to add this stash that my daughter and I have accumulated lately. The advantage of having an account there is that you can review a certain book you want to buy before you make that big plunge of parting with your hard-earned dough.

Yesterday, the hubby and I met a friend at Ever Ortigas, the mall so close to our place and before going home, we passed by the friendly book lady at Booksale. She asked me why I haven’t been there lately, there were so many titles that I might have liked. Oh well, talk about buying and splurging on books like there is no tomorrow, or is this an addiction that is hard to cure? I have to restrain myself when it comes to books so I just bought a copy of Amy Tan’s The Bonesetter’s Daughter. Yes, she is the same Amy Tan of the Joy Luck Club fame and it speaks about family relationships, mother-daughter bonding. Can’t wait to start it but I am still in thick of reading The Time Traveler’s Wife which I could hardly put down.

And I’ve changed the theme of my WordPress blog, it’s now sporting a new look, Quentin by Mike Purdy. For quite a while, I just could not let go with the Misty Look by Sadish. It’s just anything, but old.


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