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It always touches me to receive notes, e-mails and any sort of communication from friends and relatives who inquire about my health and how I am coping at the moment, but when it comes to receiving moral support from people who barely know me, it really makes me cry.  New found friends, yes, my angel warriors, yes, I think they are.  But more than the knowledge that there are people out there who reach out and give a helping hand, it’s their unsolicited gestures of concern and willingness to help that makes my heart sing.

His name is Jeff, I have never met him but  I know that he is a friend.  This morning, I received an e-mail from my brother Noel telling me that one of his office mates gave a gift for my treatment.  How amazing!  My brother once told me that he did the same thing when my Dad was undergoing dialysis two years ago.  My sincerest thanks Jeff for your generosity, and in behalf of the family, I say, Salamat!


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