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Dr. Robin Cook has done it again- another medical and suspense thriller added to his list of works that deal on almost any topic like medical malpractices, health insurance anomalies, science of Genomics, Bioinformatics etc. This page-turning medical mystery is a sequel to his other books like the Blindsight, Chromosome 6, and Vector. It’s the return of his famous characters in these three books, Laurie Montgomery and Jack Stapleton, both forensic pathologists at the Office of the Medical Examiners in NY.It deals with the love/hate relationship between these two medical examiners. Laurie in the course of her work has identified cases of sudden adult death syndrome in young healthy individuals who after twenty four hours of surgery suffer sudden cardiac death. She discovers that the deaths might be intentional – the work of a remarkably clever serial killer with a shocking motive. Then she discovers that she is carrying a genetic marker for breast cancer and might be a potential victim herself.The plot thickens when Jack and their friend Lou discovers who was the real killer. But the question is “why?”. It turned out in the end that all the victims were purposely killed because they all carried markers of serious diseases and their insurance company does not want to pay in case something happens to these people.

I have always admired Robin Cook. I learned a lot from his previous books. His plot takes its premise from the fact that health care environment today shows disregard for human life, patient care is not a priority,” that everything is decided according to vested interests”.Cook even explained what a science of Genomics is, which in simple term means the study of a flow of information on a cell. Marker might not be as thrilling as Toxin or as scary as Vector but is it a well-researched and compelling book just the same.

I’ve re-read this book lately and somehow it made me appreciate it all the more.  Sure, it is a book of fiction but it reminds me  of the present ordeal which I am undergoing.  I never knew what those markers were for until I was tested with the CEA (colon cancer marker) and the positive result of the lab test made me aware and thirsting for more information on the net.  Perhaps, in a way, it’s true. When I read Ty Bollinger’s research on how cancer treatments are being manipulated and controlled by some big and influential people, it made me think, how could they do it, capitalizing on the misfortunes of others.


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I call this story one of my small miracles. I’ve been so grateful with the people I’ve met the past few weeks, some  are complete strangers but are leaving some comments in my blogs for me to get well.  The day that I uploaded a picture of  BCI (Benavidez Cancer Institute) at the UST Hospital at my Multiply site and at my Tweeter account was the day I met Ty Bollinger online. Of all the million topics about cancer, I was lucky enough to click his site and added my e-mail to his free digest about cancer.  I received an auto responder that same day and browsed the preview of his book, Step Out of the Box. There were so many testimonials and the preview of the book was well written, I was impressed.  I wrote him an e-mail that I wanted to get hold of a copy of his book and also told him that I am presently undergoing chemotherapy because of Stage 3 colon cancer. Imagine my surprise the following morning when he personally answered my e-mail thanking me for writing and he said, “I am happy to share the e-book (4th edition) at no charge”. And he ended his letter with the words “God bless you Arlene”. Gosh, he doesn’t know me from Adam and he could always ignore my e-mail but he chose to share. His generosity touched me so much, I cried.

The book,  Cancer, Step Out of the Box, is a very comprehensive research on the alternative way to fight cancer.  NO to Slash, Poison and Burn – Slash meaning the surgery itself, Poison refers of course to chemotherapy and Burn is his term for Radiation Therapy.  He lost seven of his family members to the big C including his parents so for many years he did research on how to combat and prevent cancer the natural way.  I’m halfway through reading his book and making notes at the same time.  It’s all of 424 pages. I wrote him again to thank him for his gift and he wrote back, “You’re quite welcome, glad you’re enjoying the book”. God is so good, He has His own way of letting you know that you are not alone in the battle.

Cancer does not have to be a death sentence. I agree!  Thank you Ty.

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