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Dear Lord,

Thank you for another day of making me whole again

Another day of giving me the chance to heal my wounds

Another day of showing me your encompassing love.

I am blessed because I feel I am closer to you now

But these cancer cells have no right to invade my body

And they have no right to dwell on those who are in the same boat like me

Because you have paid for it in advance .

My pain is not even a pinprick

Compared to what you have suffered on the cross

The discomforts are quite nil

Compared to what you have endured.

Right now, I know you are carrying me on your shoulder

Bearing the weight of my pain and suffering

Embrace me with your love  Lord,

And I’ll do all I can to be worthy of it.

Thank you Lord –

For my family who are always here beside me,

For the caring support of my husband and my kids, my mom,

my brothers and sisters-in-law

For the loving friends for their moral support and unceasing prayers

for my healing.

For all the texts that I receive everyday, loving words of comfort

and inspiration

For the phone calls from my friends asking how I am

For the support of my doctors and the nurses at the hospital

For everything good happening to  me right now

And for all those small miracles you so lovingly make me feel

When I am down.

Thank you Lord, amen!


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