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IMGP2473Everyone of us knows about angels.  They are always portrayed as those winged creatures with halo on their heads in greeting cards, songs, poetry and the like.  And we believe that we have our own guardian angel who is always there to protect us.  Then we  ask, are angels real?

I truly believe that there are angels among us. And I am not talking of those heavenly creatures  that we perceived them to be. I am talking of the ordinary people who touch our lives everyday.  I am talking of the ordinary people who make a difference in the lives of others.  We are on the same journey to the road of life. Others may find the way IMGP2464IMGP2454IMGP2446paved and smooth while others find it full of rocks and stones and the journey then becomes more difficult. But it is in the struggle to reach our destination that counts. The more we encounter the perilous path, the more our faith is tested, and the more meaningful the journey becomes.  We may get tired along the way, think of giving up even but then we become stronger as we inch our way through, reaching the mountaintop and finally knowing that the view from there is spectacular.  In the end, it is always our faith in God that let us make the journey a success.

Angels come in the guise of loving friends and family.  They come in the midst of our struggles.  I’d like to think that I have lots of angels at my side.  Back when I was at the hospital three weeks ago, I encountered so many angels and I would sincerely like to thank them for helping me recuperate and heal my wounds.  I lived through their moral support via inspirational texts, wonderful messages, phone calls, e-mails  and their presence, sharing themselves with me and my family.

I remember asking my friend Tobbie if you would really know your guardian angel and he told me that I only have to ask then I would know.   I remember my cardiologist, Dr. Alvin dela Cruz, who has been so supportive of me during my hospital stay, he was there everyday without fail.  A truly compassionate and caring doctor.  I was even amazed when two days after I came home, the hubby called him up because I was vomiting and having nausea. I don’t know, may be it’s the effect of my colon adjusting to having food.  Would you believe that he even called us back just to know how I was?  Now, I call that a truly dedicated attitude of someone in his profession.  And everyday that I was at the hospital, he was all ears as I recounted my previous experiences, sharing something of myself with him.  He is a caring soul and he is one of my angels.

Truly, there are angels in our midst. And I thank God for them.


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