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Caught the hubby staring at me with that thoughtful and somewhat puzzled look.  “Have I grown horns?”, I asked.  Then he said, “You are so brave”.  I understood what he meant.

Lately, some friends called me up, what a pleasant surprise.  They were one in saying, all will be well in the end.  But of course, what else would I believe?  So I told them, I am living my life now, one day at a time.  Life sometimes gives us an endless series of problems.  It’s the process of  accepting and solving our problems that gives life its meaning. We become stronger, we grow mentally and spiritually.  Most of us have a tendency to ignore our fears, thinking that when we ignore them, they would just banish from our lives. We deny, we procrastinate, we think of something  other than what is at hand.  The road is long and the path is thorny but it is our faith that will surely carry us through. I always believe that God won’t give us crosses that we can’t bear.

Life is beautiful. Life is a challenge – problems are meant to be overcome.  So I’m living my life one day at a time, relying on the  power of a  loving God.


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Silence creeps into the night

Yet I hear whispers –

A man’s voice singing lullaby

The song brought back an excruciating pain

of yesterday’s joys and laughter.

Silence is there to be understood

Implanting a ray of hope –

Tomorrow, I would break my fast early

and meet the dawn.

The party is waiting

the drinks are turning cold

What a pandemonium!

A loud cry was heard

And silence was broken.

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I’ve finally finished packing.  I had quite a long list on what to bring  to the hospital when I check in tomorrow.  Whoa! I feel like I am having a short vacation, one would think  it  would be a long one, I have to bring a number of night wears because I don’t feel comfortable wearing the typical open-back hospital gown.  It is some sort of anathema to me having to walk around with your bottom sticking out for all the world to see.  And it’s never comfortable enough that you know it was previously worn by another person. As I have always said in my previous posts, I am not an OC but I make it a point to have everything ready when I need it.  I live by the girl scout motto, you see!

What books do I need to read there?  There’s my daily devotional book,   Bible Diary  2009 given by a close friend, Simple Moments by Fr. Jerry Orbos and maybe, just maybe, another chance to reread Tuesdays with Morrie, a personal favorite.  I’ve been laboring with one of Nelson de Mille’s thriller Wildfire. It’s quite a little boring compared to his previous thrillers like Plum Islands and Lion’s Game. I have enough of Islamic attacks and US retaliation plots.  I need something soul-uplifting and inspirational.  How I wish I could bring with me Rod Mckuen’s poetry.

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