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My eyes were glued to the TV screen

Telling me you were gone

“Gone where?”, I asked

Or was it just denial on my part

My friends were all so quick

To upload your songs,

Sharing their own experiences

How you touched their lives

In one way or another.

I was one of them

A child of the 70’s

Finding myself singing I’ll Be There with you

Stomping my feet to the tune of Thriller

No one seems old

When it comes to music…

How sad to know that sometimes,

A person is best remembered

When he is gone from this world.

Goodbye Michael –

May you find true peace in the world beyond!

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You come to me

Innocent enough to flatter

My egoistic self

In the sweet smile of a child

In the melodious tune of a song.

You come, flapping your wings

high and low

And the way I see it

I want to fly with you too.

I did fly and for a while

I saw the world through your eyes

Then you entered the periphery of my soul

And I saw the whole of you

Slowly opening your tiny hands

Welcoming me home.

On this the eve of your birthday

Please stay with me

Until my day is done

Until I’ve sung my song

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