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Nilagang mani. Boiled peanuts.  I haven’t tasted it for quite a while but this morning when we went to the wet market, I chanced upon this vendor selling green (raw) peanuts for P50.00 a kilo. Heaven! Boiled peanuts remind me of the early years when we used to listen to the old folks singing the Pasion during Holy Week, while we, the children would gorge on boiled peanuts and boiled sweet potato. Life was simple then.  Nowadays, you can occasionally see vendors selling this fare on the roadside, hot from the stove and usually wrapped in plastic.

They are usually consumed as processed products the most popular of which are roasted nuts and peanut butter.  They are used in cooking, baking and such other recipes that require nuts.

Studies have shown that peanuts contain isoflavones, powerful antioxidants which may reduce the risk of diabetes, coronary heart disease and cancer.  It was found out that boiled peanuts contained up to four times more isoflavones than raw and dry roasted ones.

Peanuts are relatively easy to grow. It’s one of the major crops grown in some areas here in our country aside from rice and corn.IMGP2399Nilagang mani. Try it, it’s healthy!


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