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My First Taste of Durian

I have always been curious about the fruit, the spikes are simply attractive and it always looks fresh compared to the other fruits I see in supermarkets. Why do some people consider it as the king of fruits?  No offense meant for those people who love eating durian but I guess that like balut, it is an acquired taste. Exotic taste, exotic smell – that’s what they say!

Cost of one durian fruit would probably buy you  about two kilos of banana, two or three pieces of sweet Washington apple and about one-fourth kilo of fine, seedless local grapes. That’s how expensive durian is and it is now in season.

Our friendly neighbor gave us a few pulps with the seed on and she told me that I could tolerate the taste later on, it’s the first bite which would probably turn you off. Well, I tried it – I just could not place how it taste really, somewhat creamy and at the same time tangy. Give me durian candies  anytime and I would appreciate it more!

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