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Whether it’s a love relationship or just a platonic friendship, some connections are deeper than others.  You feel like they have been there forever.  Sometimes, it feels as if you’ve known one another your entire lives.  Our perception of soul mates are mostly based on movies, televisions and books but the metaphysical definition of a soul mate is someone you knew in your past life and it has been found through research that it is mostly karmic.  They are predestined by your soul but not your personality before you were even born.  We have many soul mates but our personalities and emotional baggage sometimes interfere with our relationships.  Not all soul mates are meant to be long-term or harmonious.

And here’s what Jaime Licauco, a foremost authority on mind development, paranormal activities and mysticism has to say in his book, Soulmates, Karma and Reincarnation:

Soul mates need not be of the opposite sex.  There is a very strong telepathic rapport between soul mates such that one will know what the other is thinking of or planning to do before he/she does it. One will know if the other needs him or is calling him by merely tuning in on her  with his mental apparatus.  In most cases, the rapport will be so perfect that they themselves would be surprised at the seeming power or knowledge one has about the other.

What is important to keep in mind in a soul mate encounter  is that external circumstances, such as social status, religious or political differences and social conventions do not and will not matter at all.  Two souls meet when it is time for them to meet.  In a soul mate encounter, there are hardly any “ifs”  or “buts” although the lower intellect or reason may struggle against it.

There is also something to be said about the exchange of energies between two soul mates.  When they meet, the atmosphere becomes magnetically charged.  The two auras merge, forming a whole.

The physical attraction between soul mates is very strong, but it is not a predominant or primary consideration.  It is a means towards the higher goals of spiritual unity, never an end to itself.

A soul mate relationship may even be traumatic at times.  There may have been unresolved conflicts in the past that may be brought into the present lifetime’s encounter.  The partners need to resolve these conflicts to progress together spiritually.  But despite these conflicts, soul mates fully realize the true nature of their involvement with each other and can usually weather the storm.


There is even a topic on how to meet your soul mate, how to recognize your soul mate etc. But one thing important that I  learned in this book is this” a soul mate leads you to God and to your spiritual destiny”.

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Silence Speaks

When I look into your eyes

I see tiny flames that no words could ever express

And at this time,

Silence speaks volumes

more eloquent in tone

than anything else we could ever say!

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Today is a day of remembering

the past and some golden dreams

the  icy mornings and that sudden

summer rain.

Bu then –

Today could have been different

if  you were here with me.

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Our eyes caught each other once

You were alone and so was I

We never thought then,

that it would end up to this,

You –

making it so beautiful

for me

to feel the pain of loving

and the sweetness of being loved

I kept my thoughts to myself until you came

the passing pages of my life

were no different from the others


Somehow –

I realized, it was different with you

From then on,

in between those pages

I’ve written your name

And in between those pages

We shared a lovely dream.

Our eyes caught each other once again,

but this time, to make that dream come true….


8:35pm QC

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The mute voice of silence stood between us

just then –

We wonder why the ever present past holds

a future unseen

Didn’t we build dreams?

Unwound time into timeless moments

And even laid bare the cloak we so

desperately wove around us?

Why the silence and the hurt in your eyes?

I don’t want to see you that way

so please, save that smile for me

Even when we both know

Love is slowly dying…

30 oct. 77 sunday

7:15pm QC

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P.S. to RSJ

Last night –

I dreamed of you again

Tonight –

I will rebuld my sandcastles

And look for you there!

Tomorrow –

We would be together again

I know.

(who says one can’t live in dreams?)

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Hand in hand as we walk

we stop for a while

-pick some pebbles along the way

we remember old dreams

that were meant to be shared

like the stars, that we keep

wishing, will always shine

for you and me.


I remember many, many things

red ribbons, rain-wet days

and blue afternoons

but most of all,

fondly I recall

a tear-stained face

on that certain day

we parted ways.

There was never a time

that I don’t thnik of you

Sun-bleached shores, a hurried

lunch for two

these moments, treasured hours

of bygone days

always seem a part of me and you

We have tarried too long

made  “goodbles”

for such a little while


but before you leave

let me capture that one last look

and that somehow fleeting smile

only there and then, you’ll say,

“Come, catch me a star”!

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If there is one thing I hate the most when I undergo laboratory tests or medical check-up, it is the endless waiting – an anxious wait on the results of the tests and another two or three hours of not knowing when the doctor will appear. It’s really an extremely boring undertaking that you cannot escape from especially when you have already reached the big Five O  which means that you are more than half-way through your lifetime.

Sometimes, I prefer to go to Diagnostic Centers which have ultra-modern facilities than go to a laboratory department of a hospital.  In a hospital setting, you tend to absorb the negative vibes seeing patients with different kinds of illness. I got this sort of hospital-phobia when my dad underwent dialysis for six months(he died last December 05, 2007) and watched his health deteriorates despite all those medications and those regular doctor visits. I was privy to first hand information shared by other dialysis patients and their relatives.

Why is it that we find it easier to confide and share our woes to complete strangers than tell our loved ones about what we feel? Is it because we are also protecting them from getting hurt like us, shielding them away from the pain and feeling of insecurity that we are not hundred percent fit?

How I really hate, hate, hate hospitals but here I am, still waiting for my doctor to arrive.

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Whew! I have more than fifty unread books in my shelf. The ones I’ve bought at Bestsellers and at NBS are still in their original plastic cover. Lately, I  have been busy catching up on my gardening. I have to repot, replant, fertilize and cultivate new plants before the rainy season sets in.  Haven’t got hold of a book for almost three weeks now. Sometimes, I just stare at the titles but I just could not decide what to read first.  I am still in the middle of reading Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Yesterday, my daughter brought home a book entitled 1ST TO DIE by James Patterson and I am sorely tempted to give it a start. (Sorry Alma, I might be able to finish reading your favorite book before the year ends..hopefully not..) Suffice to say, I am in my ‘reading hiatus” if there is such a term.

My TBR list consists of mostly fiction with one or two chicklit and Ya books. Here are some of the books which I haven’t read yet.

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter – Kim Edwards
The Story of My Life – Helen Keller (autobiography)
The Power and the Glory – Graham Greene
Lovely Bones – Alice Sebold
Claire Buoyant – Saralee Rosenberg
If You Could See Me Now – Cecelia Ahern
The Mask –  Dean Koontz
The Deep End of the Ocean – Jacquelin Mitchard
Clan of the Cave Bear – Jean Auel
Valley of Horses – Jean Auel
Firefly Summer – Maeve Binchy
Winter solstice – Rosamund Pilcher
Shopaholic and Sister – Sophie Kinsella
Shopaholic and Baby – Sophie Kinsella
Confessions of a Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella
Little Altars Everywhere – Rebecca Wells
Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood – Rebecca Wells
Ultimate Prizes –  Susan Howatch
Armaggedon – Leon Uris
The Haj – Leon Uris
Marker – Robin Cook
Drums of Autumn – Diana Gabaldon
False Impression – Jeffrey Archer
Remembrance – Jude Deveraux
Kitty and Virgil – Paul Bailey
All the Finest Girls – Alexandra Styron
The Lake – Daniel Villasenor
Staircase of a Thousand Steps – Masha Hamilton
Ray in Reverse – Daniel Wallace
McKenzie’s Friend – Philip Davidson
2nd Chance – Jeffrey Archer

I intend to re-read Sophie Kinsella’s books in the order they were published since we were able to buy her more recent works before the old ones. And to think, I haven’t read the last two of the Harry Potter series which belong to my son’s own collection.  My daughter has her own complete series of the Charmed and Christopher Pike. I don’t know how she could still watch re runs on TV though she already have them on DVD. Talk about our own quirks and biases when it comes to reading.

And when you say you just could not get enough, that’s when you truly are a bookworm and geek and proud of it (to borrow Mike’s name at Shelfari).

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I truly believe that something happens when you least expect it.  Yesterday, while I was waiting for my urologist at the satellite clinic of the Medical City at Ever-Ortigas, I decided to while away the time going to my favorite jaunts. First stop was NBS, they have this bargain bin in one corner of the store and it is always a delight to find something worth-reading.  Next was a visit at the friendly Booksale lady at the 2nd flr.  Third stop was at Books and Mags. I was just browsing with no particular book in mind. There is a growing stash of books most of which I made on impulse buy.  I decided that I will stick to my Wish List and wait for another sale perhaps at Bestsellers and NBS.

Tom Clancy (plenty stuff there), Dean Koontz, Binchy – I found this small volume, Summer of 42 by Herman Raucher, a Dell book, 1971 edition. What came to mind was the music, Theme from summer of 42 by Michelle Legrand. I distinctly remember that wayback in 1971, this was one of the contenders for Best Instrumental Arrangement/Composition along with Theme from Shaft by Isaac  Hayes and Theme from Love Story by Francis Lai, for the prestigious Grammy Awards. Of course, Theme from Shaft won hands down (and I still have my Jingle chordbook magazine, Chapter IX to prove it),. But I am digressing here.

Summer of 42 – made into film by Warner Bros. with Jennifer O’Neill (Dorothy) and Gary Grimes(Hermie) as the main characters.  In everyone’s life, there is Summer of 42. A beautiful love story, poignant, warm, funny, sad, coming of age – it is just perfect.

The summer Hermie turned fifteen, he fell deeply  and passionately in love with an older woman of twenty two and a married one at that.  Along with his two best friends Oscy and Benjie, Hermie spent his time running and playing on the beach and it was there that he saw and fell in love with Dorothy.  The story revolves around the fun and mischief of the three young boys, displaying their raw innocence about sex. It behooves me to think what life was like in ’42.

I dare not describe the details here because it is always best to read the book and enjoy it. The wordings of the song from the book sums it all:

last night I started out happy
last night my heart was so gay
last night I found myself dancing
in my favorite cabaret.
you were completely forgotten
just an affair of the past,
then  suddenly something happened to me
and I found my heart beating, oh so fast

there’ll be no new romance for me,
it’s foolish to start
for that old feeling
is still in my heart.

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