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It’s not an easy task, gardening I mean. Finally, we’re done trimming the carabao grass which briefly hid the concrete footpath. The  grass seems to grow by leaps and bounds now that the rainy season is here. We have to trim it at least every three weeks.  Even a tiny garden such as ours needs a lot of care and maintenance.

These bamboo cuttings were recycled from our trellis posts at the back of the house.

These bamboo cuttings were recycled from our trellis posts at the back of the house.

Our front garden is all green now except for a few blooms of my Shanghai Beauty plant.

Our front garden is all green now except for a few blooms of my Shanghai Beauty plant.

I also trimmed my gardenia shrub  because it was leaning sideways.  I hope it won’t be completely uprooted  in the next two are three months.

I have plenty of these pink lilies but they are mostly in pots scattered around the garden.

I have plenty of these pink lilies but they are mostly in pots scattered around the garden.

I guess it is time to tackle another area outside our perimeter wall. Who knows, one of these days  I’ll be able to plant some leafy greens to use in the kitchen.

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It’s nice to be back and share my garden finds. I guess it’s time to take hold of my camera again and take a few shots. Look what I’ve found.


I didn’t plant this  tomato shrub but just saw it growing side by side with our peanut grass at the front garden. It was a delight to see these green  tomatoes waiting to ripen. Something comes to mind, botanically speaking, tomatoes are fruits  but we consider them vegetables. How’s that again? I am getting confused.


Our two jackfruit trees are laden with fruits growing in almost every tip of each branch. The sad thing though, not all of them will grow big at all.  Mom says the fruits with smooth skin are the  ones that would grow big and ripen,  the rest will just dry up and fall. Every morning, I would count the fruits, can’t wait to harvest some  in a  month or two.


One thing I love about our calamansi trees (we have two) are the scents of the flowers. Calamansi or Philippine lime bear fruits all year round and they are perfect in almost any dish that need a little spicing up. They could be used to  marinate meat or as sauces for grilled or fried food.  Ripe fruits are excellent  as juices too.


Not to be left behind are my pink bougainvillea.  I just love the pink blooms.

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Some little blooms that make you smile
And you start the day with joy in your heart
Flowers could be just that -
Giving you a world of colors
So color me red for now.

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Caught between the early morning light and the fading dawn

I sit and watch the stillness of the moment

Waiting for the sun to show its face

And I find  peace….

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Despite the erratic weather that we’re having now, some of my garden plants are showing great promise including my  pink Zinnias and Hoya orchids. Sometimes, I wish I could document every stage of their growth. This is as close as I can get, some macro shots of my Zinnia blooms.



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Too bad I didn’t catch the orange hue of the rising sun. For several mornings now, I was rewarded with a magnificent view of the early morning – the stillness of dawn, the array of blue and orange  painted by  unseen Hands, the gentle kiss of a  morning breeze. It would have been nice to capture all of it  but the scene was marred by tangled electric wires and it made  me sad. Color me orange once again and I’ll be happy. These made my morning.


My Vanda orchid is showing off again with two stems laden with lovely red-orange blooms.




More practice with macro shots!

(Note: So I won’t forget…this is my 1,250th blog post)

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It’s been raining since Monday prompting most schools  and universities to declare “no classes” in most areas here in Metro Manila. The start of the week  was marred by horrendous traffic, leaving so many flood prone areas in waist deep water. This is a perennial problem in our country every time  the rainy season sets in.

This morning though, the sun bravely showed its face and look  what I saw in the garden while emptying our small pond with rain water. I can’t resist taking a few shots (as always).



These are called rain lilies and they produce these tiny flowers during the rainy season. I planted some in a corner of our garden, the rest I put in a vase. I was pleasantly surprised when  I saw these tiny blooms. They somehow erased the gloomy atmosphere of the morning.


A  Zinnia bud about to bloom. I love the surprise it gives when the flower fully shows its face, sometimes you’ll never know what color it  brings.

This is my first Zinnia bloom this season.  I planted them from dried flowers which our village gardener gave me a few months ago.

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Yes, aglaonema plants have flowers too which are quite similar to the flowers of spathiphyllum plants and green foliage anthuriums.

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Yeay, I had a grand time picking these fresh calamansi (it’s Philippine lime for you guys) from our two fruit trees which I planted when we moved here eighteen years ago (that’s how long we’ve been staying here in this place). They never stop flowering and giving us these fruits all year round but this is the first time  (I guess) that I harvested this much. They weigh almost two kilos. Calamansi has many uses in the Philippine kitchen – it is a perfect morning drink, an immune system booster, a perfect marinade for meats or even fish and poultry.

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I bought a pot of this Pink Angel years ago. When it stopped flowering, I planted some cuttings in two small pots but it took so long for it to show those lovely pink blooms, that is,  until  now. It’s a sort of vine and shrub combined. I never knew its exact name  because I could not find such similar blooms on the net. It’s a Pink Angel, the vendor told me, so be it!

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