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Nothing comes to mind for this challenge except for these three  photos that I took  of one of my favorite places, Caleruega.


This is the main hallway of Caleruega with this lovely curved staircase made of wood.  And at the back of this staircase is a Koi pond with all those colorful Koi fish merrily swimming in the background.

koi pond


I do love this lush, green garden with a curve pond for more Koi. I would love to come back here and just absorb the serenity and quiet of the place.

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Caleruega still

You are etched in my memory, a place where I could rebuild my dreams and still believe that they do come true.

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Okay, here we go, another challenge for an amateur photographer like me. I’d like to think though that there will always be shots that speak of those moments when you thoroughly enjoyed something and wish there would be more opportunities to visit again.


I remember this. My kids and I celebrated Mother’s Day at an Italian restaurant then went to Avilon Zoo for the first time. It’s been years since I visited one. We enjoyed feeding the rabbits and having pictures with Jenny, a friendly orangutan  trained to shake hands with visitors.  A joyous celebration of feeling like a child again and  enjoying  it with the kids.


Taken during our first visit to Caleruega. We were so eager to feed the Koi fish at the large pond  and watched  their golden bodies merrily swimming.  That was the start of our love affair with Koi fish and had them in our small pond three years ago. It was sad that we lost them all during the flood last year.


We passed by this place on our way to Caleruega , would have loved to explore it but around that time, I think it was closed to the public. Just the name itself evokes peace and serenity.  It’s actually a center of spirituality run by the Salesians of Don Bosco where one can hold retreats, recollections and weddings.

For more of these challenge, you can visit this link.

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This post came a  bit late but I can’t surely ignore it, can I?  Mine says Dreams and Escapes (with an S at the end).  There are several pictures  I took that would exactly describe what the word escape means to me but the following three shots stand out.


CALERUEGA. This is one of my favorite places. I could stay here and just listen to the silence or write a journal while admiring the view and feeling the cold breeze touch my cheeks.  That’s my daughter busy with something. I remember, we brought that tripod and three digital cameras,  mounting  one permanently to the former while we were exploring the place.


PUNDAKIT BEACH, SAN ANTONIO, ZAMBALES.  I remember those days when we used to go on road trips discovering new places . If only for the serenity of the place, I would come back here and see the sunrise or admire a wonderful sunset.  Beyond those mountains is Anawangin and overlooking this one is Capones Island.


TANAY. December 27, 2009, my first trip out-of-town after six rigorous sessions of chemotherapy.  Can I endure the exhilaration of going down these trails and climbing up the mountains of Tanay? I did it with flying colors, a brief escape from the fact that I was so depressed while undergoing treatments.

The beauty of nature gives us that feeling of oneness with the universe, a form of escape from pain and heartaches.  I always love this phrase posted  in  every corner at Caleruega which I have adopted in most of my blogs, Close To Nature, Closer To God.

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Sometimes, life needs to be taken one small step at a time so you can learn to appreciate what is in front of you and look back with fondness what you left behind.

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Here are my own interpretations of what the word Beyond means to me in pictures. Come to think of it, I always look forward  to this weekly photo challenge because somehow you get to look  once more at some pictures which at the time you took were just pleasing to your eyes and senses. Sometimes though, they acquire a meaning and you wish you could capture the essence of each view and place you see.


Beyond this mountain is my provincial home which I haven’t visited  in quite a while. My old memories of this places is tied up to the river running below this mountain where we used to catch fresh-water fish during the early parts of rainy months. And yes, the impromptu picnics  beside  the river and taking a long soak after.  Fresh, unpolluted running water and lovely river stones that sometimes my cousins and I used to bring home  for our Piko games.


The cool mountains of Tanay. I remember taking this shot three weeks after my six-sessions of chemotherapy ended.  It was a kind of litmus test how far I can go without tiring myself after such a life-changing treatment.  I miss this place, I hope someday I would be able to come back here.


What lies behind closed doors, do you know? Dreams! Pockets of happy days!  Actually, I was fascinated by the stained-glass door. I seldom see this kind of window and door treatments except in places where they value old-age decor.


There is always something that fascinates me in discovering places and looking beyond.  I took this in Caleruega, the hanging bridge was simply irresistible. And beyond this is a vast garden and an upward climb to a hill that gives a wonderful view of the Batulao mountains in Batangas. It’s one of my favorite places to visit.

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It was hot outside and 4pm looked like it was still in the middle of the day. I did plan of weeding out unwanted grass from our peanut grass cover planted in front of the house.  And for several days now, I  always hesitate to go out because of the heat. Finally though, this afternoon, I was inspired by the two maintenance crew of our subdivision when I saw them planting more Cannas along the roadside facing the house. There were newly planted ornamental bananas too. I watched them dig despite the heat and the noise brought by passing cars.  Hard work with minimal pay. So as my good deed for the day, I offered them both some biscuits and a pitcher of ice-cold water, stopped and talked a while about life and survival.

Life is hard, it’s a known fact but when you have to toil under the heat of the sun everyday, sweeping remnants of cigarette butts, candy wrappers, and yes, plastics with straw which our sari-sari store owner neighbor conveniently use for soft drinks  and what-have-you’s,  which the seemingly unconcerned  denizen of this subdivision throw to their heart’s content, one can’t help but think, don’t they even have  self-discipline? I told our two janitors that some people have complete disregard for cleanliness in their surroundings. It is so exasperating sometimes to see people in cars just throwing their garbage from their car windows, some Jollibee or McDonald’s wrappers and disposable cups.  In that short fifteen minutes, I learned a lot from these two, it is better to earn a few pesos in a dignified way than to do something unlawful.  And always, they are those who understand the value of hard-earned money. And a little kindness towards them goes a long, long way.

I looked through my several albums posted privately at Photobucket and tried to find materials which I could use in a Catholic page in Facebook which I help maintain and found this, a picture of the cottage in Caleruega where we stayed two years ago. It made me feel quite nostalgic.

I’d love to come back here and visit the Koi at Kampo Arriba or have that trek again to see the Batulao mountains of Batangas.  I promised myself that the next time I’ll visit this place, I’ll just absorb the silence and write some more.

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